How to pay in the money you’ve raised and donate food & other supplies
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We know the 'true' costs incurred, in helping homeless dogs become healthy, neutered and ready for their forever homes. The main costs are in holding them in boarding kennels @£8 per dog per day hence our kennel funds on our websites. We are regularly holding 89 dogs in boarding kennels at any one time.

The recession hit our rescue, slowing homing rates with more dogs being dumped at vets or on our streets. Councils are giving dogs even less time and putting dogs to sleep more readily, to cut their costs as their budgets are squeezed. We have dog wardens in tears begging for a rescue place, offering their own money to support us, as they know their dog in our care will be safe. We set up the Rescue in 2003 from small beginnings and have a fabulous well deserved reputation.

Our HEART IS BIG; we have strong ethics and high standards. We are experts in Terriers and Staffies and they need us all most. We make no apologies for helping Staffies, they have such sweet temperaments. We take the 'working type' terriers that others just don't understand.

Donations go straight to pay vet and kennel bills. Our suggested adoption fee of £175 hardly covers our neutering, vax and chipping costs. Some dogs need a lot more vet care. Question any rescue presenting their dogs as unneutered. We set our dogs up for life and take the most needy 'death row' dogs and turn their fortunes around.

All rescues are struggling, as a small rescue we don't have big benefactors behind us. We live under great financial pressure and continue to take more dogs than perhaps we should. People donate because they can trust us and so we survive, as do our dogs. We really need your emotional and financial help. Donations can be made in the following ways. Every penny will be gratefully received

Bank Transfer Payment online or over the phone You can set-up a STANDING ORDER and make a one-off with your bank by using the Rescue Remedies account information Our bank account details THEN no charges are made to us or you.

Cheques made payable to "Rescue Remedies" then email lynne@rescueremedies.co.uk for an address to send to.

By Standing Order providing a life line to our dogs Our on-line Rescue Remedies Standing Order Form for you submit to your bank STANDING ORDER

PayPal - by visiting our website Clicking the donate Paypal button and Don't forget to complete a Giftaid form

Just look at our beautiful dogs ... we can't save them without you! Our future dogs deserve to stay alive. Thank you, and many licks from our dogs.

Please remember to complete the Giftaid form for all donations GIFTAID DON'T forget

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