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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:30 pm

My apologises for being in the whirlwind of change that the diary just wasnt going to happen. I feel a deep sense that I must rekindle the diary as it so helps people to gain a perspective on our Rescue and the incredible team effort that happens with boots adorned; keyboards with dancing fingers and with good wishes and blessing of sentiment and financial contributions that make it all happen. Above all I feel a deep need to thank you
What a year not to record the diary! I have only hoped that people have become more attuned to the movements on the Forum and the announcement on faceboard to get their "fix" of the glory.

Tomorrow is the last day of April and I do have to announce April 18 IS our record month.
Yes April 2018 we have saved 43 dogs

43 Tess TR 2
42 Sammy TR 4
41 Buster TR 12
40 Porridge TR 27
39 Buddy TR 27
Buddy IN
38 Jake TR 27 6 Terriers in
37 Teddy RR 1
36 Finn Lyall RR 3
35 Pepper Popsie RR 6
34 Bella RR 6
33 Penny Creseta RR 6
32 Arnold RR 6
31 Thornley RR 6
30 Boo Xena RR 6
29 Hughie RR 7
28 Alfie RR 7
27 Missy EBT RR 7
26 Deanna RR 8
25 Bollo RR 8
24 Louie RR 9
23 Chase RR 14
22 Mitzy RR 17
21 Bess RR 17
20 Honey RR 21
19 Bertie RR 22
18 Carter RR 27
17 Dodger RR 27
Dodger IN
16 Maisie RR 27
15 Penny RR 27 23 Allbreeds in
14 Buddy Amb 7
13 Dougie Amb 8
12 Genie Amb 21
11 Anna Amb 21 4 Ambulls in
10 Lola SR 7
9 Merlyn SR 13
8 Reggie SR 17
7 Ammie SR 18
6 Harvey SR 19
5 Blake SR 23
4 Chief SR 25
3 Biscuit SR 25
2 Angus SR 27
Angus IN
1 Kizzy SR 27 10 Staffies in

"We only take deathrow dogs" somehow has such a different ring to it in 2018 than it did in 2008. Why, because in the age of TV dog whisperers with highly edited shows and armchair experts who talk the outdated language of dominance and crating. Our dog population has become more vulnerable/ We can lose our temper but a dog's manifest behaviours are analysed and very few allowances are made for character, complex circumstance and influences and even nasic breed traits: Perfection whatever that is, is the measure. Working in mental hospitals 40 years ago I never understood the drive to label and dissect someone's quirks of personality...slowly I saw the field catch up so to be open tolerant; acceptance and non -judgemental understanding attempts. Dogs have no protection if they make a mistake so we get more and more calls now a days from other Rescue where they have accepted a dog and they judged them to not homeable. Many 'pound pullers' (Those who help to find dogs in council pounds secure a rescue place) find fewer and fewer Rescues will help a dog that isnt 'all singing all dancing'. So our Rescue is so often a dog's last hope.

Being able to say yes this month has been an overwhelming experience. To say yes to 43 dogs only comes on the strength of HOMING 43 dogs! You know I always balance the books!
Murphy TR 1
Robbie TR 2
Greg TR 2
Big Mac RR 2
Bengo RR 4
Missie Molly TR 5
Joey TR 5
Lacey Cassie SR 5
Lyall RR 5
Dodger SR 6
Rose Rolls TR 6
Rose Rolls HOMED
Bingo SR 6
Pepper Popsie RR 7
Chelsea EBTx RR
Nero TR 8
Luna RR 8
Melody RR 8
Bailey SR 8
Tess TR 9
Missy Rott RR 12
Millie Pippa TR 13
Kevin SR 13
Boo Xena RR 13
Thornley RR 14
Penny Creseta RR 14
Bella RR 15
Boots RR 15
Buster TR 17
Bollo RR 20
Arthur TR 20
Arthur HOMED
Shane SR 21
Barney SR 21
Barney HOMED
Deanna RR 21
Bambi RR 21
Grace Gucci RR 21
Arnold RR 23
Bess SR 24
Bertie SR 25
Betty RR 27
Sammy TR 28
Rizzie SR 28
Whitney SR 29
Caleb SR 29
12 Terriers homed: 20 Allbreeds/ RescueRemedies homed: 11 Staffies

We dont build money in the bank: We invest in our dogs. Our dogs receive our wealth financially and full heart engagement.

Our Gold seal rescue remains as a standard which so few can confess to
A Unique Gold Seal Rescue for Our dogs
• Never exploited by breeding: All Rescue Remedies dogs are neutered with the exception of puppies which are homed responsibility with the commitment to neuter at their right stage of maturation. No Rescue Remedies dog will be used for breeding.
• Up-to-date: Information shared on our dogs is honest; up dated daily on our Forum and where possible our websites. Our adoption process is thorough and involves safe guards for our dogs and their potential families ensuring good matching of needs, skills and lifestyle.
• Support for entire life: Rescue Remedies stand by their dogs for their entire lives and offer free advice. Our dogs must come back to us if their homing breaks down, receiving them back within given 2 weeks notice. All Rescue Remedies dog are homed with a Rescue Remedies tag on and the Rescue’s details on their microchips, should their owners not be contactable
• Maximising Donations: Donations go directly to payment of vet. & kennel bills and essentials e.g. microchips purchase. All our dogs where ever possible receive a 7 day course of Panacur to eradicate lungworm in case present.
• Community of givers: All volunteers give of their time and pay their own expenses and other supportive measures directly for the dogs. No one receives salaries or expenses. Only expense paid is for the dog mobile’s diesel for essential Rescue Remedies transportation and occasional bills like essential large postage.
• Responsible Management: We are guardians for our dogs and work to ensure we identify, match and meet each dog needs carefully. We generally counsel for ‘on lead’ management within the prejudicial, intolerant climate against bull breeds and terrier traits, and offer other dogs their right to personal space also.
• Peace only where absolutely necessary: We rarely need to offer Peace and then only when advised by our vets to ensure safety, avoid prolonged suffering: We ensure each dog’s dignity is maintained: We then offer with great love and apology for their humans who during their lives failed to understand or meet their welfare needs.

So I really wanted to say thank you to you all for in anyway you have served our dogs. I will begin the diary again to acknowledge our brilliant outcomes which so many people give their all towards AND especially those who offered our dogs their forever homes!

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Mon May 07, 2018 7:21 pm

May has started with busy bees buzzing around ...we have taken in 14 (incl 2 returns) and homed 10 opps one of those weeks when I needed to take advantage of empty kennels with our dogs out on weekend foster and some how juggle around to allow them to return.

Wednesday We were suddenly saying goodbye to our dear Shadow Staffie. His spasmodic symptoms turning into an emergency vet appointment: Under Gen An he was found to have an aggressive form of Cancer to his gullet and it was our vets decision we could save him from increasing discomfort and future pain. Suzanne and family gave him a fantastic time in foster and destiny proved her choice was spot on to offer him such happiness in was to become his last month.
Shadow's thread

Thursday Drama. Stuart ran back from the river with Missie raising the alarm Karen a walker had fallen in the river HELP! This turned out to be a serious situation with Karen's legs caught up in bard wire and she was slipping into the wire. 5 of us soon realised we needed professional help and profession help Karen received 2 fire engines; 3fire /incident cars and an ambulance and paramedic cars. Blue lights +++

Click here to learn how to add YouTube Videos to your phpBB forum
Karen Stuart in the river.JPG
Karen with her son and Helen above .JPG
Karen Rescue.JPG
Karen Rescued.JPG
7 vehicles.JPG

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Friday: Everything going to plan. Grace had been in my bedroom offering her a more Peaceful environment when she went into foster I had thought to have Lola there post spay but then was in a dilemma as another Staffie was unwell. I followed my gut and had Lola in the bedroom to discover a few smudges of blood on the floor at 8.45. In between going to get white towels for her to lie on so I could watch her through the night I discovered she literally had just started to bleed.
I flew to my vets and he arrived and kept her on a drip overnight and she has been well since.
Lola's thread
Saturday was involved with a conversation with Claire who feeds street dogs in Bournemouth and goes into drug dens to feed neglected dogs. She was pleading for Daisy has been moved from drug addict to drug addict and been living on the streets for years suddenly lost her owner. AND then she has another emergency Darcey who she took via social services out of extreme domestic violence: Both literally had nowhere to go . She had never had to try and find a rescue place for a Staffie before and she made a list of everyone she called being prepared to drive them anywhere...77 rescues had turned her (Daisy & Darcey away) They both came in Sunday we were all bewildered including Darcey & Daisy as somehow we had to find a place for them.

We had some truly wonderful homings this week Each one a miracle of coming together of a family for life.

Jake (Angus featured above found his pack
Jake's thread
Buddy above found his mum today
Henry & Daisy visited us as of Friday enough to have a dental; spay check; vaccination and the baths the next day to go straight into Sue & Martin's ownership Sunday MEANT TO BE!
Our weekly Stats as ever The colours denote what kennels they are in or foster placements see the key on the side. The bright pink at the end are Homings!
Click here Dog's Weekly

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Sun May 13, 2018 9:46 pm

Our Rescue seems to have changed over the past month I question if mentally I have changed my stance? I suspect that I am receiving calls because the Gatwick Kennels have 'Rescue' mentioned on its display signs so word is spreading but also many calls come through on my mobile via google. The outcome and the change is we are taking practically an emergency a day from own homes. We have always existed to be there for dogs in dire need. The scenarios for each dog are unique because their is history behind their circumstances. We are too the limit on kennels...we have crept up to 104 dogs on our books when for a good period we had stabilised to 93. We already have an emergency coming in everyday next week and sadly that means any calls we get I will simply just have to say sorry unless you can wait we cant save the dog. Many may feel happy enough with our stance to enquiries, but it will break my heart knowing my 'NO' is a dog going to their death. Somehow we have to help our pound dogs on top of these emergent urgents.

We must still help the pound dogs who dont have anyone there for them. Gratefully our homing rate has tipped over the 7 a week rate. We are very lucky to enjoy so many wonderful families coming to us to help our dogs.

One thing we try to do, which many rescues fail in, is to refuse to define our dogs at the very time they are down on their luck. They are going through a crisis situation in their lives, bereft of home and family and in a concrete kennel environment with noise barrage all day and sometimes at night. What we mean by this is we don't look to slap negative labels on: We remain open to their emergence. Slamming a label on is often damming them. Our dogs are gaining confidence, skills and self belief each day they are in our care. They are gaining positive outcomes; scope families are attracted in who arent looking for ready made to fit in to their pigeon hole but they get it that our dogs need a chance and given that chance they will develop and prove themselves to be worthy members of their family. Our volunteers really engage with our dogs so their fear inhibitions fade; they learn to trust and engage with other dogs without contact and with positive messaging going down their leads or as they are enveloped in our volunteer's arms.
Here are 3 of the 8 dogs we said goodbye to this week
Missy EBTx
Here are 4 of the 9 dogs we said hello to this week


So the theme of this week has be a pressure cooker... life is a whirl

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Sun May 20, 2018 6:53 pm

Weekending 20th May 2018

An odd week as dogs arrived unplanned..dogs didnt arrive that were planned.

Dogs arrived unplanned John Fowle is in hospital (he is beginning to feel better) so 5 pm we hear 3 of our dogs suddenly need to be picked up and accommodated the next day. None of whom I felt I could place in kennels so we juggled to accommodate them in my house. Then Sonny made his entrance...we thought we had lost him and Luisa and I lost a nights sleep but found he was still alive but needing collecting that morning to save him from the vets; Peter obliged bringing him into safety. Ralph came in as planned but family were so bereft came back 2 days later to collect him. We had Marlee, Tim and Deanna arrive back with us. So many Rescues lose their faith in their dogs when they are returned, we welcome them back and explore them further and vow to get it right for them next time.
Tim came back nearly 4 yrs homing
Marlee came back after 2 months
Deanna came back after 1 month
This week I want to introduce you to
Dogs monthly
Colour according to breed type Green is Terriers; Red is all breeds/ Rescue Remedies dogs; Pink is Staffies and Blue are American Bulldogs. I have always believed in statistics and whilst they take me regularly tasking to keep up to date it really does explain us as a Rescue and the service we offer. Nearly 5 months into the year (already!) and 169 dogs homed so far. We have saved the lives of 148 which is such an honour. Volunteers who are involved with our dog are acutely aware how little hope these dogs had before arrival and how they turn them into 'must have doggies'. We are transparent and do show the details given to us...we so often discover a completely different dog... as they discover themselves with us.

We have our wonderful homings as ever this week 14. It feels very vibrant now Nicky is working closely with Dianna on homings. Laura and Luisa are also pick up some homings so the pace is brisk; we are avoiding a backlog and families are getting a better service. Fran & Kim continue to service the Forum and Fran also does microchips with me, and enquiries. Alison helps with back ground IT as needed and Sarah sorts our Dog Walking applicants and passes them to Charlie, Kim (Chapmania) Laura (MrsP) and Ros to allocate to experienced volunteers. SarahK also does all our bill paying and supports me with the accounts. HelenH & SarahS help me with the Giftaid claims. We also have experienced volunteers and fosterers who will do homechecks and homings. Simon, Laura and Jo have been doing a great number for us of late. Dianna and I also do the intake: Dianna from their own homes via enquiries; I do via the telephone and emails. I also organise the intake via 29 (last count) council pounds and both Dianna and I also pick up the emergencies from vets where they have saved a dog being put to sleep. A lot of my week does involve processing our dogs through our vets and I have been recently supported by DianaC doing vet runs and also last minute transport runs to bring dogs into safety. At the moment I'm spending 2 days a week at the vets and our vet bill last month was over £6,000. This is where we come back to our financial supporters as without our regular standing order supporters and those that periodically donate we could not achieve any of this. Our vet and kennel costs are high but no one takes a salary, and no one claims expenses just the diesel for the dog mobile which is purchased and serviced by myself. So your pennies go far
The homing of the week has to be Fredds though all of our homings are more important than the other. Saturday was our "Royal Fredding Day". Whilst we feel a little lost not worrying and caring for Fredds we all have a warm feeling he is receiving the best of care in with his 'private doctor' as Shoura is a doctor and already has got Fredds health needs and care plan sussed! As we say you don't just home a dog from us, you become part of our family.
Fredds thread

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Mon May 28, 2018 10:02 pm

Week ending 27th May but including Bank Holiday 28th

The pace is 'lightening' and we thank all our volunteers and financial supporters for enabling so many lives to be SAVED and MADE

Whenever I do a homing I always say to people whatever you exchange money for, you are voting for. You put money in a breeders hands and you ask them to do it again: You put money in a Rescuer's hands and you ask them to do it enable them to do it again and again. The Rescuer carries their dependants in their heart. They believe in them and they are there to make a success of their lives and forever homing. Our Rescue have us totally committed to them and we are their Rocks. Expectations are everything and a seasoned Rescue home is one where they pick up with their dog, walk with them, helping them to feel secure and loved. They play down demeanours giving their dog scope to learn, adjust and please. They fit in with their dog''s needs and adjust their lives in the joy of their dog's needs and character.
Nero the Hero
Every dog we are called upon to help is a new found friend. Homing 360 dogs a year we have been on a "dog and day" motto. Suddenly our homing team has grown and our homings have increased. 40 dogs homed so far in May 37 taken in The internet and communications nowaday has to be timely. We as a Rescue are competing with many Rescues who carry the more "popular breeds" we have always stood up for dogs in dire need and our love for them is genuine and as a result we have pulled our audience with us to love our dogs. We are increasingly getting people watching our Rescue for months and sometimes a particular dog. They are happy to travel as they have invested so much in our Rescue and if the 'match is agreed' the dog they have followed. We come from the dogs point of view and needs. We are aware of what our dog's skills are; needs are and are happy to wait to get it right for our dogs.

We were taken by storm this week by Rico a 10 year old Standard poodle who when he stands up against the kennel door as he likes to do, it is like meeting a Yetti or a man in a furry costume. We think he has been a stud dog for the Labradoodle market.. now he can enjoy a pampered retirement..he is such a character.
We also said hello to Kami who originally arrived in Rescue at around the age of 9 months and due to trust issues had waited for 4 years. Sadly his Rescue is closing down and so he has arrived into our care and we're begining to build trust with him. He is much smaller than we thought about 20 kilos, size of a male Staffie with brindle fur but fluffy with curly tail and prick ears. We are getting to know him and he us
Kami I'm smaller than you think
9 dogs in this week and 7 homed including Duchess who had a strong enquirer who made Sally & Mum to decide they couldnt live with her and she them. Jo one of our committed walkers adopted little Cookie who is settling in with her lovely cats. Really lovely homes came forwards this week and many felt like a glove fitting perfectly.. very natural.
Darcey homed
Benn Homed

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:54 am

July 9th 2018

Despite my intention I have been unable to find the time to write the diary...a sleepless night and I decided to prepare a few things to share the joy and wonderment as we walk... run into the second half of the year

We have saved so many!
Intake Green Terriers Red Rescue Remedies Pink Staffies
We have found wonderful homes for so many!
The wonderment of our Rescue is how we match the dogs saved with the dogs finding their never feels like it. Having worked so long in the health service thorough put is everything...if you are clearing a space you cant help the next so this is why my time in particular is so intensely ultilised currently because as of Day 1 we are neutering and preparing our dogs for homing. The last 2 weeks we have been living at the vets.. taking 15 each week.

This has been prompted by Adam in Broxbourne suddenly declaring he had 10+ Staffies; 4 Lurchers; 2 JRT pairs and a French Bulldog + Roscoe waiting for places with us and he has summer bookings to accommodate. This has meant having to do swaps with dogs who are all prepared to enable dogs to come into us and become prepared and hopefully homed. This has all been very intense but we are over 50% there This week we have a committment to offer him 3 kennels spaces like we did 2 weeks ago and we can do this by the skin of our teeth with the 'urgents' that keep knocking at our door.

Our numbers have crepted up and adding in the 13 dogs we homed this we we peaked at 120! We will try to get back down to the low 90's. We appreciate anyone who can donate to our Rescue including Giftaid to see us through the extra vet bills we are meeting. We have a wonderful lady who donated £6.5K this week which we are overwhelmed with another gentleman's family donated proceeds of his funeral to our cause he being a dog lover which was very humbling. We have had volunteers putting in their time and energy to hold fundraising stalls which is a flag ship fronting up our good workls but raising needed funds and bring interest to the service we offer to deathrow homeless dogs.

Superb homings have been occurring wonderful, wonderful families to safely hand our dogs into their care. We have had a spate of returns but I have been reassured we are still at the same level of returns 13% as over last year; We can be very proud of our returns as we offer a safety net for all our dogs and open our arms to receive them back when their homing hasn't worked out, often with all good intentions. We need never stand in judgement...people try their best and to Rescue has to always be the better option than to 'buy a puppy' and put money into breeders hands.

A few pictures of Joy!
Jaeger Reserved
Little Tygga comes into our safe care
Maxy finds his family
Jack Patt finds his perfect family Shadow is helping him to settle

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:16 pm

Well as you know as of April last year I am living the dream. So many people say if I won the lottery...well I truly feel I have won the lottery. I have wanted to be with 'my dogs' and spent years in the car travelling to meet our dogs and meet families to home dogs. Now I can meet families at 7.30 in the morning...yes it has happened and 8.30 at night yes it happens. So many dogs can leap into their families arms much sooner than awaiting for them to be able to make a meet time well with kennel opening times.
Jordon homed this week
JUST as importantly we can receive dogs in need into safety around the clock. At the kennels we have a contract for strays; so 12 midnight 6.20 in the morning is often the reality. Our dogs can be offered safety and somewhere out there in the internet sphere there is a kind person ready to jump and collect a dog , often a relay of transporters and they know whatever the traffic they can be assured that dog will have a soft bed and a hearty meal awaiting them and beverage and biscuits for the transport also.

I thought I pop in for 30 minutes and decided to just introduce the circumstances of some of our dogs who arrived this week. None of our intake this week was via pounds, which is unusual but shows the pressure we are under when we cant even get to help the pound dogs. Our waiting list is 'hot' and no let up from the intense pressure we have faced over the last 6 weeks like never before.

This week arrivals were
Marshall Staffie x mastiff: Advertised on Facebook as being put to sleep as he had had several toileting accidents and had been banished to a cupboard area. He was skin and bone and covered in his own faeces and urine. So often our dogs come out of pristine homes but detached off from the family for whatever reason. Marshall at least has in the warm...not in a lean too or crate. Lets call crates what they are cages. Mainly designed to protect furnishings from developing puppies, or to tidy the dog away as I once witnessed a person put the dog in a crate under the kitchen surface and draw the curtain over it. So Marshal was picked up before that fatal vet appointment and found himself in a convey of cars going down the motorway and arriving into our Rescue at 9.15 pm Result! He is on 'build up' food and is enjoying being with us.
Nell tripawd Staffie x: Family calls 4 pm saying they had got this dog via a free ad and they bought her home and now she was trying to attack everyone and she was in the kitchen and no one would help. The police arrived and said it wasnt a dangerous dog and went away. We had to collect from the address as the man was a diabetic and needed to get his insulin from the kitchen. Nell emerged "as gentle as they come" waggy tail and welcoming and loving as they come.
Pablo Dogue de Bordeaux x returned as he has unaccomplished dog skills and was getting fixated and wasn't trustworthy to achieve gentle dog meetings, and is a very strong boy. We are going to work with him. This week I am having all the dogs I put in the back paddock go passed his kennel door and praising him with good meets and trying to break his intensity. We have put Hugh the Akita next to him who is a cool dude
Bailey Patterdale: Baily jumped from one busy family without any Patterdale experience into the next with 4 young children and
he was completely over loaded. Then he got out the front door and did the 'adrenaline filled dog meet' that many of us are so familiar with escaped dogs..and was to lose his life on Monday. A volunteer travelled all the way to Dorset to collect and deliver as the family 'couldn't '. He is a sweet boy and winning many friends
Bailey Patt
Rocco Staffie x: Found by the police with his dead drug addict owner...taken into kennels and kennel owner took on his case neutered, chipped, vaccinated and waiting for a Rescue place. We were that rescue but having said we would save him it has took nearly a month to find a kennel space.
Judy & Penny: Crossbreed and Collie x
Long story but tragedy of having unneutered pets living together and a litter born. Father and a pup kept, along with other small dogs, Mother and litter given to a Rescue who homed the puppies neutered the mother but found her fractious and so were going to put her to sleep so the family had her back and she settled once her hormones returned to normal levels. Elderly owner who is moving and can only take so many dogs with him..Mother and daughter couldn't find a Rescue place so were being put to sleep on Saturday. We were alerted and took them in. They are both over weight, never walked and bemused by their new situation but will soon settle.
Belle Shar pei x Staffie: Belle we had 4 years ago with her partner. She was living with her litter sister and partner, owner was drunk and didn't realise until midday the next day. They came to us from the pound and we homed them separately Now belle comes to us as due to a relationship split and being left very long hours.
Beryl (1).jpg
Pepper Austrailan Shepherd Dog Again a return due to her nerves and can be reactive to new situations/ people and has chase drive. Very trainable but owner didn't have the strength to deal with suddenly wrenches on the lead eg if she was startled by a jogger approaches from behind.

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary May 2018 - August 2018

Post by xxlynne » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:31 pm

Dear All... Having a wonderful month's homings 34 homings so far and we are only middle of the month! We are blessed now to have 3 homing volunteers and a homing administrator. It really helps. Ofcourse I am integrally involved with homings and my brain is always challenged to sum up do's needs to match with families skills and preferences. The Rescue families are the ones who truly want to help a dog and don't treat the Rescue as retail but re-tail! Our walkers have been brilliant and so committed with higher volumes of dogs, pleading for time out of their kennels for cuddles, smells, relief and exercise. Thank you everyone. We have volunteers who photograph our dogs and others who put a lot of time into taking our dogs out for the day or overnight. Our fosterers are fantastic. We also have volunteers servicing our websites and facebooks. We need more people tweeters!! Then there are those who deal with enquiries, microchip transfers; fundraising ; thanking donors; paying our bills. Those organising new walkers and their inductions. Those organising the army of walkers with each of the boarding kennels +++ ALL VOLUNTEERS doing it for love of our dogs.
Kevin so needs his family
Vinnie so needs his home
Sept 33 so far..... excluding the fast returns
Brandy TR 1
Rosco RR 1
Lacey RR 1

Chance Amb 1
Gunner TR 2
Tilly RR
Troy Amb 6
Buster SR 6
Jake TR 6
Hugo RR 7
Buck RR 7

Alvin Amb 8
Paul Amb 8

Belle (Beryl) SR 8
Tia SR 8

Dodger RR 9
Rodney RR 9
Misty RR 9
Bleu RR 9
Ruby RR 9

Lottie SR 9 (7)
Harley Bazz Amb 11
Blaze (Flake) RR 11
Busta RR 12

Joey TR 13
Bruce SR 14
Huxley SR 14

Toby TR 15
Millie SR 15
Patsy SR 15
Diesel (Tyse) SR 16

Alfie TR 16
Jasmine SR 16

One fact with our Rescue is our volunteers respect one another. There is a family feeling
Bailey so needs his home
Shadow so needs his family
Our Statistics


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