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Rescue Remedies on/off lead policy

Post by Rescue Remedies » Sat May 31, 2014 6:22 pm

Our dogs as they develop their relationship with their volunteers can present as possibles for 'off lead' particularly when in foster.

We have public liability insurance which costs us £980 a year. It states clearly that if a dog is on the lead and controlled we would generally not be considered liable for any consequences of behaviour. If our dog is off lead then we would enter a 'your word against mine' battle and have no insurance cover. As the majority of our dogs are terriers and staffies, the public will and sympathy is not on our side. Witnesses would be highly unlikely to fall around our dog in support and would favour their dog walking colleagues.

We feel that for any dog to be off lead has to be proven bombproof with other dogs and also 100% recall- remember the majority of our dogs were found stray. We do not have the mental or physical time to launch a dog search campaign because our dog disappeared off on the horizon. Believe us we have had 3 such events in the past and one dog went wild for 4 weeks 'life stopped for us'.

Also if a foster owner chooses to let our dog off lead outside of their secure garden, they need to be aware they will pay any resulting vet bills as we have no money in the bank spare.

These are the reasons why we ask our volunteers and fosterers to keep our dogs controlled on leads. You are welcome to find a 'disused secure tennis court' or use the paddock at the kennels for recall training or release of pent up energy but please keep our dogs safe and be aware of the restraints financially we have in our rescue. Every penny counts and is going into saving lives not paying demanding officious members of the public for torn clothes or vet bills.
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