Fostering Application/Questionnaire

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Fostering Application/Questionnaire

Post by Rescue Remedies » Sat May 31, 2014 6:25 pm

If you are considering fostering, be aware we usually offer you a dog already known to us and match your experience and comfortability.

Complete our Fostering questionnaire online. We do not use homes with unneutered pets We can not pay people to foster our dogs, we are all volunteers and contribute in different ways. The offer of the foster place is from the heart, in support to that individual dog. We ask you not to take risks with our dogs; none of our dogs should come off lead as our insurance will not cover us. We ask you to move forwards very slowly, building trust and confidence so the dog receives positive labels and proceeds with success and 'good dog!' shaping their every move. Do not judge a dog within the first 48 hours..they need time to settle

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Fostering questionnaire

Our Fosterer's Agreement states our philosophy and baseline agreement.

During the period of fostering, The dog shall remain the legal property & responsibility of Rescue Remedies Terrierrescue Staffierescue (referred to hereafter as RR). The fosterer cannot rehome the dog without the express authority of a RR representative. The dog shall live within the household & not be kept outside or in an outbuilding.

The fosterer will:-
•Only be responsible for seeking vet. treatment for our dog, after gaining the express permission of a senior representative of RR. RR can, where necessary, bring the dog back into care to arrange our vet’s assessment & guide on treatment. If we are not consulted we will not be responsible for vet costs.

•RR can call any time to check on the well-being & care of our dog.

•Maintain a suitable exercise & training programme appropriate to the needs of our dog related to our approach and guidance. Keep to the dog's rescue name, ideally not in an abbreviated form, so the potential owners have the choice to keep to their Rescue name or THEY change it in due course after homing.

•Be involved in considering the suitability of potential homes for our dog in their care, but must not reject these homes without good reason.

•If opting to adopt our dog and both parties agree, will be liable for the donation & sign adoption papers.

•If the foster placement is not working out, will return our dog, with due notice once suitable arrangements can be made.

•Agree to cover costs as are outlined in the Table below as discussed between the two parties.

Rescue Remedies will:
•Assess the dog to the best of their ability to ensure suitability ref. temperament or needs.

•Cover expenses for their dog while in the fosterer if outlined in Table 1 below agreed between the two parties.

•Offer timely support & advice on issues & take the dog back without due delay on request.

•Actively look for a suitable forever home for their dog, from the beginning of the period of in foster care.

•Ensure their dogs receive vax., is neutered & chipped (where old enough) before or during the foster placement. Worming and flea treatment as appropriate.

The Fosterer hereby irrevocably understands & authorises the dog will & can be removed from their care if it is believed the terms of the contract are not being reasonably followed.

RR are happy to consider a trial adoption but impose ideally 2 weeks period and a max. of 2 months, in which the fosterer should make the decision to keep or part with the dog.

Both parties agree to abide by the contract stated on here and the responsibilities agreed below. To treat each other with due respect, understanding the rescue of a dog can cause stress on all parties.

Liaison on fostering issues: Our communication and support is mainly through Forum use and emails keep us informed updating your foster dog's thread regularly filtering issues with us which need more work so their thread remains simple and relevant. Our time constraints are very real.

Further info. Fostering section on

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