Rescue Remedies' Contact Form

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Rescue Remedies' Contact Form

Postby Rescue Remedies » Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:32 pm

How to contact us

Please be aware we are a very small team of volunteers.
We save our dogs from council pounds through dog wardens
We very rarely are able to take from the public the demand is astronomical and our funds are very sparse

Rescue Remedies Contact Form

Comment: For everyone’s information and interest thought I would list of 29+ pounds we regularly help with their Stray / Abandoned dogs:


3 Battersea centres (takes from many pounds); Brighton: Broxbourne: Carmarthen Wales: Crawley: Croydon: Dagenham & Barking: Dartford: Derby: East Herts: Eastleigh: Fleet: Greenwich; Guildford: Hackney: Harrow: Kingston; Lancashire; Newport Wales: Norwich; Portsmouth: Princes Risborough (Takes from 10 councils); Reigate & Banstead; Sheffield; Swindon: Tower Hamlets: Welwyn Garden City; Winchester:

Plus Social Services from where ever; Police Kennels from where ever; Vets from where ever; Dogs Own Families

My rough estimate is there are 100 dogs to every Rescue place available, any one know a truer statistic? We are getting volunteers contact us about dogs they are finding on the internet: PLEASE DO NOT. More and more people who aren’t offering dogs any more than knocking on our door. They aren’t willing to transport; foster; donate towards costs; or find out detailed info; often they don’t even know where the dog is. We had one lady who gave us scarce details and her no, when we called she said nothing to do with me I just alerted you we have now found out that dog had changed hands 3 times in a week and is still out of our Reach and is heart breaking to watch and time wasting for all. Please be aware we can not stretch ourselves any further, our back is literally breaking. The true way to help us to step forwards and foster or set up a standing order if you are not already playing a committed role. Please search your hearts and do this to help the dogs we have now and in the future. Thank you.
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