A letter to my first family

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A letter to my first family

Post by Deborah » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:33 pm

I often read, usually on Facebook, people being really angry with people who abandon their dogs. It's very painful for a dog to be abandoned. Sometimes, however, I feel it's a little unfair to shame people for making a decision in the best interest of their dog or their family. I also often wander about mikos first family as he seems so well trained so I wrote a poem from miko to his first family.

Dear first family,

I don't know why you left me. You raised me from a puppy. I loved you and you loved me. You taught me humans are amazing. Sometimes I believe I'm more human than dog. You raised me alongside your human children. My brothers and sisters. We were a pack. You trained me well. I walk well on a lead, I'm gentle, I don't have separation anxiety or issues around food or toys.

I don't know why you left me. I was an adolescent dog. Did I get too big? Did I play too rough with your children? Knock them over one to many times? I don't understand that my claws can hurt and break delicate human skin.

I don't know why you left me. Did you need to move house? Did your landlord find out you had a dog and weren't happy? Did you have money troubles? Could you not find a new home that allowed dogs? I don't understand this human world. I was part of your family.

I don't know why you left me. I was found wandering the streets. I spent 18 months in different kennels and homes. It was hard but I had faith in humanity and everyone I met loved me. I met so many amazing people and am well loved. The inconsistency was scary though. I wanted to be part of a family again. I went to some dark places and began to shut down. The love of the volunteers pulled me through.

I don't know why you left me. I have a new family now. I'm not going to make the same mistakes again. I don't want to loose them too. So many people have come and gone in my life. I'm happy now and I've got you to thank. I don't mind being left sleeping on the sofa when my people go to work. You must have given me that self-confidence as a puppy. I never bite people or chew on their things. You raised me well. When I get excited I either charge around the garden or look for one of my toys to bite. I'm not destructive.

I don't know why you left me. I hope you don't still feel guilty. Two years have passed. I'm happy now. Your decision was the right decision at the time. Maybe my time had come to fly the nest. But dogs don't do that, we are pack animals. I'm older and wiser now. My experience in rescue has not damaged me but made me stronger. I will love and be loyal to my family for the rest of my life because I know tomorrow they could be gone. You taught me humans are amazing and I have had the privilege to meet and love some amazing human beings. Thank you for raising me.

Love from,
Your lost puppy.
Rescue animals are not damaged they have just experienced more in life. If they were human we would call them wise.

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