Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Staffierescue dogs available for homing/awaiting adoption

Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby xxlynne » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:00 pm

Current Status: Available


Buddie's Story : Found stray/abandoned & unclaimed within a council pound: Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving his life. Will be neutered; chipped and vaccinations in progress. Buddie came into our care 06.02.17. He is in boarding kennels in Guildford

PLEASE NOTE: Dog laws have changed with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters for at least 4 months until sure of their dogs instincts & skills, most of our dogs will need to be retained always on a lead, so as not to place dog's lives at risk, (Destruction or Control Orders are common place nowadays).

***PLEASE HELP OUR LONG STAY DOGS: Our min. adoption donation £175, which supports our work and Is non returnable. We will offer an alternative dog should our dog not settle given adequate time and reassurance. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life and exist on the goodwill of our supporters and volunteers.

Please click for Buddie's thread for regular updates, new pictures and videos. To apply to home a dog, you must be ready within 7 days and complete a homing questionnaire submitted Online We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes and can be talking to up to 10 families at any one time. Please remain open: We have the dogs we have. Our dogs need a supportive family to offer patience, time & tolerance to allow them to settle.

Buddie's progress through our Rescue below
Original Referral information : We work with our dogs & often reveal a different picture & positive skills as they build trust. 06.02.17: Very young SBT neutered male. A lovely natured chap with a typical Staffie love of people. Buddie has settled well at our emergency boarding. Seems fine around other dogs - no signs of aggression. Buddie was handed in as a 'stray' by his owners, who were quickly found out when his microchip was scanned. They refused to take him back when challenged, on the grounds that he had chewed a shoe! Owner threatened to throw him out onto the streets if he was returned home, so to ensure his safety council officials brought him in to the pound. S&S Ax

Buddie is now a Rescue Remedies Straffierescue dog!
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Re: Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby Dani » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:09 pm

love4.gif He is lovely .
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Re: Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby Jojokate » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:06 pm

Wowsers , they don't deserve you Buddie.
Welcome boy, you'll be loved at RR :dog_running-186.gif:
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Re: Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby MrsP » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:08 pm

Buddie is a lovely little proper Staffie. He is a teeny bit hand shy and any fast moves scare him but he's bright and affectionate so will learn not to be nervous quickly.
He has lots of strings to his bow and is incredibly gentle. A very easy, calm walk apart from when he sees a dog to say hello to, his little heart broke when we went in a different direction to Tansy! Seems very fond of other dogs love4.gif

Johan took some piccies....
Look at that Staffie Stance!




Does paw and beg

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Re: Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby andyrols » Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:16 pm

Took out Buddie today. I hadn't meet him before but that didn't bother him. After a loving greeting he was easily hasnessed and off we went, both of us doing our best to ignore the other dogs. We were out for around an hour and he was beautifully behaved. We had a couple of quiet moments which reinforced my initial thoughts that here was a lovely little fella who deserves a second start and a lotta of love (all of which would be returned twice over).
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Re: Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby pits » Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:40 pm

I got the chance to take Buddie out for a walk today. We'd met before for his photo session but its the first time I've walked him. He was very easy going to walk, and I could see he loves attention and care. I couldn't capture it properly in a photo, but he did this cute thing where when he was sitting for a treat, he'd lift his paw to beg for it. Here's some more pics:

Enjoying the sunny weather!

sad puppy face

The cute raised paw beg he did
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Re: Buddie Staffie DofB ?2015 Guildford Kenns

Postby MandaTK » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:32 am

Again Johan, Master of the Camera. Adore his sunny day pic and his paw up. He is an adorable boy. x
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