Podge Staffie DOB 01.11.09 New Romney Foster

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Re: Podge Staffie DOB 1.11.2009 New Romney Foster

Post by johnfowle » Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:28 pm

Podge hasn't had a "proper" fit for nearly six weeks now....she is on "Pexion" for her seizures and it is certainly controlling them well. Recently she has been developing "mini" fits when she doesn't know where she is or what time of day it is, and will mouth you quite hard whch she has never done before. Most of the day now she spends asleep and will only go into the garden if I accompany her. I took her to the vet earlier this week and she said that the Pexion was preventing Podge from going into a full fit so, I suppose, it is doing its job.....but still very distressing for both Podge and us, seeing her in such an uncontrolled state. She obviously knows when it's going to happen as she rushes over to either Sylvie or me before the event knowing she will receive both reassurance and support until she comes out of it.

Otherwise, the vet said she was in good shape and her poor lung function, which she has had all the time she has been in "rescue" was no worse.

Podge has done so well over the last two and a bit years and, although I thought we might be losing her last week, I'm hopeful she'll be with us a while longer yet.

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Re: Podge Staffie DOB 1.11.2009 New Romney Foster

Post by SarahW » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:58 am

Always a joy to catch up with darling Podge, I was so happy to get cuddle time with one of my favourite girls this week. Despite all of her health issues Podge is still the happy, affectionate girl she has always been. She has done astoundingly well health wise at John's and mixes with his 'mob' brilliantly but I would love to see her in her forever home where she could get as many cuddles as she wanted.
2018-04-25 16.50.05.jpg
I just love this beautiful, cheeky girl!
2018-04-25 16.49.03-1.jpg
With foster brother Kingsley
2018-04-25 16.44.21.jpg
Enjoying fuss from my dad
2018-04-25 16.44.10.jpg
With foster sister Zena
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Re: Podge Staffie DOB 1.11.2009 New Romney Foster

Post by Katharine » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:35 am

Hello lovely Podge. Princess Podge is queen of August. As it should be. Greetings from RR Albert and little Skye. love4.gif

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