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Marley Staffie DOB 03.08.13 Gatwick Kenns

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:11 am
by xxlynne
Current Status: Available


Marley needs an experienced family who can nurture Marley with 'good boys', good walks and good food. Marley can get stressed if challenged by another dog but will calm, settle, has no malice just fear, low self confidence and concern: Is benefitting from lots of dog contact, walking parallel with other dogs, to build trust as his instincts are receptive. Can be left short periods; ideal for active home eg jogger. NB Our Rescue asks owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters, as dog law changes place dog's lives at greater risk.

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Known background: Marley was found stray: his microchip revealed at least 2 homes each with no commitment, just selling on, eventually abandoned. We, stepped forwards to offer a Rescue place and save Marley's life. Marley is now neutered & fully vaccinated; wormed and flea treated. Marley is in boarding kennels near Gatwick.

About Marley: Marley has a baby face, his eyes are sincere if a little concerned: Marley is a big baby melting hearts: Given love and nestles into you for strokes and cuddles. Bouncy in the home initially and excited receiving visitors. Marley has crate phobia so has been abused. Marley is still a bit chewy and needs to work through this phase with kongs and supportive opportunities, he loves company and direction. Loves people and older children; a little leapy, occasionally mouthy when enthused. Marley's development was held back, will soon catch up in caring family: Loves travelling and secure walking beside you.

Our beautiful boy who lacks self confidence in himself & around dogs. Had at least 3 homes before Rescue. Can be a bit chewy but easily occupied with a natural bone. Marley needs companionship is just a puppy in a 3 year old body Loves sofa lounging! Marley needs someone to walk beside him. Kind hearted. Has grabbed clothes when overexcited but calms with awareness. Experienced owner keep energy low; no malice. Not for children. As with Staffies he loves closeness. Marley gives off a sad air of vulnerability 'little boy lost'. Marley doesn't cope well in kennels as he is quite dependant emotionally. Marley deserves a committed family who can accept his love and employ his fun energy. Stunner

Visit Marley's thread for daily updates, lots of pictures and videos. Please click to submit Online Application We will match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle, please remain open we successfully home 350 dogs per annum. We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes.

***PLEASE HELP: We have to ask for £175 donation at the time of adoption, as we can't support so many dogs without funds. We have no state sponsorship and exist on the goodwill of the public and our supporters. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life.

See Marley's Thread Below. Watch his progress through our Rescue.
Original Referral Details: Lynne please can you help this boy is on a fine line before PTS. 2 years old, been in 2 homes already. Very nice natured, likes other dogs, over excitable. Will chew if left for a long time.Will be neutered & vaccinated. Michelle ADM

We came forwards for Marley and I collected him Tuesday late afternoon and he happily travelled in the front passenger seat as we sped through the bright lights of the City of London. Marley has a wow factor and hopefully will be homed soon.

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Broxbourne Kenns

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:12 pm
by SarahW
Look at that smile! :smiley-gen132.gif:

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Broxbourne Kenns

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:14 pm
by Truffles mum
Took lovely Marley out for a walk today, he was a absolute gentleman :smiley-gen132.gif: no pulling, good with the other dogs with us and up for a cuddle :biggrin.gif:

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Godstone Kenns

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:26 pm
by Hoonercat
Marley came out for a walk at Broxbourne before going to Godstone. He joined Doris and Tia and was very well mannered with both of them. He has a lovely nature and a head that looks too big for his body, with a smile to match :mrgreen:
Marley travelled in the car to Godstone so well. Once on the move he settled down in the back and was no trouble whatsoever, despite the long journey, then a run in the paddock before he met the staff at Godstone and boy did he make a good impression, I don't think I've ever seen a dog greet complete strangers with such enthusiasm and joy. :D

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Godstone Kenns

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:29 pm
by Elliesmum
I walked Marley today and he is a friendly boy. He has become a bit nervous in the kennels, he is such a little chap, bless him. He is a bit excitable and can grab the lead sometimes but needs a gentle "walk on". Very cuddly but flinched a bit around his head. Needs gentle TLC whish is guaranteed at Godstone! Very sweet. Sorry it's not a good photo, he wouldn't keep still!


Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Godstone Kenns

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:57 pm
by samclucky
Oh he's gorgeous. Bless him

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Godstone Kenns

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:36 pm
by Tim
John was out with Tia and Marley this afternoon so we all popped into the paddock for an impromptu photo shoot :)

he's such a friendly boy...


he was very interested in the noise of the camera

Waiting for a treat off John

Cuddle time with Rachel

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Godstone Kenns

PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:04 pm
by SarahW
I have walked Marley a couple of times this week and he is adorable. He looks so young and acts with all the enthusiasm of a young dog. This can sometimes mean he grabs at the leads but I am sure this will settle down once he gets used to being taken out for more walks.

He is a pretty little thing, no doubt about it but his coat is also stunning too. That smile and those dark eyes ensured I swooned every time I looked at him. He enjoyed paddock time with games of fetch and also loved just hooning around off lead. A proper, dapper little staffie chap!

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Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:25 pm
by xxlynne
Marley was homed for a month with a family. Marley is still a puppy dog and he need lots of support to settle. Marley is still working through his chewy phasedue to lack of opportunity in his development. Good boys, good food; good company oh and good commands. Marley will find a committed family who can offer him support and understanding and his kind heart will always win him through.

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:47 pm
by CoraMc
Sad to see Marley is back with us but I loved him when I first walked him. He's always loved and wanted with us. Look forward to seeing him at the weekend!

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 03.08.2013 Gatwick Kenns

PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:51 pm
by Sarahk
Marley walking with me today and Georgi with Stuart out in front :biggrin.gif:
They were both very well behaved indeed out on their walk :)

Re: Marley Staffie DOB 03.08.2013 Gatwick Kenns

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:16 pm
by Sarahk
Marley enjoyed his walk today :D

Here he is trying to keep up with Lottie :biggrin.gif:

Marley also had Kiki and Reilly out on the walk with him, good time had by all :biggrin.gif: