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To introduce my non-RR dog, this is Aristotle who's my third Pekingese, and he's just turned 3. I bought him direct from the breeder in November 2014 when he was aged 11 months - the breeder wanted to introduce the bloodline of a particular English stud dog into his line of breeding bitches so took several bitches to the dog in the hope of getting a couple of good bitch puppies but of the three litters produced there was only one bitch ( currently a champion in the breed, as are both parents) and Ari was the last of the dog puppies to be sold.

Ari isn't shown but is a much-loved neutered pet, who I trained up to the Kennel Club 's 'Good Citizen Dog' award at Silver level last year; the breeder, who I'm still in occasional contact with, tells me it's very unusual for a Peke to be trained up to this level. I'm not going to take Ari up to the Gold level because much of the exercises are conducted with the dog walking to heel offlead and as this isn't a skill I need him to master there's no point in going to the Gold classes although maybe a refresher course might be on the cards.

One thing that the breeder did warn me about when I collected Ari is that he's a terrible sock thief who was responsible for leading the other Pekes he lived with into all sorts of mischief; I learned the hard way that he can't be left alone with an unattended basket of laundry else he'll try to steal tights, socks, underwear...anything in fact :) . My last Peke, a rescue, was also a laundry thief so it must be a breed trait I reckon.

Two months after I'd bought Ari I decided he needed a canine companion so in January 2015 I adopted Cherub the toothless Pom from RR. Both dogs get on fine together and like nothing better than walkies round Baffins Pond in the daytime or sharing the sofa with me of an evening. Ari is a greedy little dog who will, given half a chance, try to help Cherub finish her breakfast but he seldom does this because Cherub will severely gum him and mean business, so I have to supervise breakfast for the dogs.

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