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Rehoming Within What Mile Radius? I Live in the Northwest

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:17 am
by Fluffy
:newhere.gif: Hi all.i recently had my beloved rescue staffy Maximus..but mainly Max , very unexpectedly put has broken my heart and left a void .he travelled abroad with me and had his own little passport; As well as my previous rescue x staffie prior Max. Both were picked up as strays and max was a case of abuse. We persevered and after 18 mth he eventually turned a massive corner from being sacred of males ;or other dogs etc.He was part of our little family and had a girlfriend which is now left heart broken which is breaking my heart too.
She is pining and looking for him..looking out for staffies..i have not been able to locate the right one yet and i know it will happen.i have registered and met a dog in Coventry but more visits were required. 100 mls one journey.not good for the environment but i understand meeting the dog.All my pets stayed with me until the rainbow bridge appeared.I have not filled in the Q FOR REHOMING as of yet as I wonder if me living in preston lancashire is suitable as to home check etc.
Thank you guys you are all amazing in what you do

Rehoming Within What Mile Radius? I Live in the Northwest

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:02 pm
by Rescue Remedies_2
:welcome.gif: Welcome Fluffy,

We rehome dogs all over the UK, provided the adopter is willing to come to meet and collect their dog, and will be dedicated to making the adoption work once the dog has been transported home. The first step in our process is always the Homing Questionnaire. If you are open to being matched with a dog, this may be the best option for you, as our Homing Team will take a look at your circumstances and suggest the dog(s) that will fit best with your lifestyle. Some of our dogs require more than one meeting, however this is not the case for all of them. The homing team can help guide you if your circumstances are right for adoption.

We offer all our dogs back-up for life, so will take any dog back if they need to come back to our Rescue. We are a long way from Preston, however, so it would be unpleasant for you to have to travel all the way to us again if the dog had to be returned. Having said that, we have homed dogs successfully to Scotland and some of our dogs even live abroad now.

Should you decide to apply, here is a link for our application: ... tionnaire/

I hope that info helps!