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Hello from Kimmie

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:40 pm
by Kimmiemaigaard
Hi everyone.
My name is Kimmie and I just started as a volunteer - I had my induction with Nada a couple of weeks ago.
I'm from Denmark and just recently moved to Kingston where I work as a sales admin at a flooring company

My previous experiences include a long stay in a large dog foster home in northern Spain and a long stay at an animal rescue center in South Africa.

If anyone would like to do a walk together please let me know - here or on Facebook.
I would also like to let you all know, that since I don't have a car I would be happy to join you on some of the walks you do a bit further away.
I will be doing walks from Chessington.

Glad to be part of this.

Best regards

Re: Hello from Kimmie

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:58 pm
by johnfowle
hi Kimmie

Sorry it's been a long time welcoming you to RR, but the welcome is just as sincere.

So pleased you have started as a volunteer to help "our" canine friends and make their lives in kennels more bearable. It must be such a thrill for them to experience time in the fresh air and have lots of smells, sniffs, snuggles, treats to help thekm pass their routine life behind bars....thank you.

Best wishes from the Mob in New Romney