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Post by Dunmallard » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:17 am

Hello all - first message from us here, in North Staffordshire. This site is very informative as well as very interesting so thank you to the RR team and contributors for your work for dogs in trouble.

Our home and lives here are not the same since we lost JR, our JRT, aged 16 or 17 on 8th July. He joined our daughters’ family from a rescue home in 2006 and lived with us from a year later. At the start he had no idea how to walk on the lead and was hostile to all other dogs encountered on walks. But he soon learnt to walk really nicely on harness, now without scrabbling or choking himself and began to really enjoy his walks . Later on he was often able to take pleasure in trusting many stranger dogs, greeting them with a friendly sniff’n’wag. We had eight wonderful, adventure filled years with JR during which we tried to give him the best, happiest and most fulfilling second half of his long life that we could and to considerable degree believe we did alright. It was not always plain sailing. The behavioral failings were not his fault and his normal terrier traits are surely half of the fun! He was my constant companion at home and at work. We will always love and miss him and shall remember him with great fondness. His absence is everywhere, so still hurting but smiling with thankfulness at the countless memories.

I believe JR would approve if we soon began exploring if another dog needing a home, like he once did, would wish to take us on, to join our family and share our lives. JR was our first dog and with the benefit of that experience, what he taught us as well as what we (we think!) taught him, we can see how we would do some things differently and better next time - it is surely best never to stop learning! We are pensioners now although I am still active and looking forward to resuming some fell walking in our beloved Lake District. JR went everywhere with me up there, from our caravan in North Lakes. He was officially (by his vet) retired from fell walking in 2012, by when he had eagerly, on those short little legs and despite his age, scampered up a number of modest fells. He used to stand by the cairns at the top looking for ages at the wonderful wide summit vistas in front of him - clearly a dog with taste and good judgement (or was he looking around for his summit treat?)! He also did countless low level walks near and far and continued to do so until his last year, from when he carried on exploring the world from the comfort of his CUV, often leaving it for a short stroll and sniff’nmooch and he never stopped being extremely nosy.

Naturally we are drawn to JRT’s but perhaps we should not be closed to other breeds? What can we offer? Own house on edge of the city, own teeth and hips, back patio and garden, no cats, just the two of us, 3 year old grandson visiting occasionally from St Albans, other daughter, local, who has two friendly female Staffie’s and two equally friendly grown up children. Woods and fields just down and up the road, plenty of patience and love, time, fun and adventures to have together, well used water and food bowl and extender lead ready and waiting.

Time is valuable and all those RR dogs take a lot of looking after so we see why you only want to receive home questionnaires when a serious and genuine specific interest is expressed, so when the time seems right (which it might be right now, how can you tell?)........................ The distance is not ideal if support be needed. In the meantime, if the good people at RR think we might possibly be suited to a particular dog (with experience only of JR it is not that easy for us to assess our suitability), here we are and we can perhaps submit properly. In any event, best wishes to you all - Roger and Beryl

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Post by Tim » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:22 pm

Hi Roger & Beryl, welcome to the forum.

We're all a friendly and informative bunch on here :)

Sorry to hear about JR - he sounded a right character, but then most terriers are :) .

It sounds that you have thought things through with regards to rescuing another terrier. I think the best thing to do would be to look at our lovely terriers, pick one or two that you think might fit in and fill out a homing questionnaire. One of the homing team will contact you and make recommendations / suggestions. Hope this helps.

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Post by johnfowle » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:29 pm

Welcome Roger and Beryl.

So sorry to hear about JR, but you gave him a great life and, obviously, he taught you a lot about terriers, too!!!

Really pleased you are looking at one of lovely boys and girls....as Tim suggests, look at their threads and then fill in a homing questionnaire.

Distance is no object from "our" point of view...."we" had a Patterdale winging off to the US just last month!!!

Best wishes

From the Mob in T Wells

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