Missie Labrador x Staffie DOB 2013 Gatwick Kenns

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Re: Missie Labrador x Staffie DOB 2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by EmmaNicole » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:23 pm

So we are not supposed to admit to having favourites but Missie is fast becoming one of mine. Yes she can be stubborn and she does have her little moments of total moo bagness but despite her little foibles she is the most amazing dog. When you enter her kennel despite her being so excited for her walk she sits beautifully and waits for you to harness her up and clip on her leads. Then she's definitely ready for the off. Due to excitement she does pull for the first few minutes but after that she really is very good on the lead. On Saturday I walked Missie whilst my hubbie Rob walked her kennel neighbour Baily. Both of them behaved beautifully with each other. When behind Missie is patient and happy to follow along and when in front she very sweetly checks behind her from time to time to ensure the group are keeping up. If she feels they are lagging behind she stops until they catch up. Missie is great with other dogs and pays them no attention. Missie's biggest vice is she doesn't like to stand still so there's no real stopping for a chat with fellow dog walkers when Missie is in charge 0028.gif. Oh and be warned if walking the fields she is very partial to sampling the numerous cow pats! Missie could also do with losing a couple of pounds but I'm sure this could easily be achieved with regular walks and not too many marmite sandwiches ;-) Poor Missie has been waiting a very long time for her forever humans and would really like a home to call her own so she can show everyone just what a good girl she can be.

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Re: Missie Labrador x Staffie DOB 2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by CoraMc » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:17 pm

Missie really is a wonderful girl, so loving, so attentive and a constant source of hilarity! Here are some photos we took on a fairly recent pub trip. Missie loves being out and about, taking in all the sights, smells and wanting to make new friends. She lets you know if she think it's time to move on and loves building a circle of friends around her.

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Re: Missie Labrador x Staffie DOB 2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by CoraMc » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:39 am

Sarah and I were sooooo excited to take Missie out yesterday and it's fair to say Missie was feeling the same way!! She is a strong girl and will want to 'encourage' you to be quick in putting on her harness and leads, yet listens if you ask her to sit and wait.

We went in our usual loooong walk and Missie was exemplary. She kept a close eye as we passed 6 horses staring at her as we passed close by, but she had no reaction, except looking like she was smiling at them!! Two off lead dogs and horses being ridden next to her later, we tightened the leads just in case but this awesome girl is rock solid, smiled up at us and kept walking.

You'll have read previously in her thread Missie is exuberant and clear of what she does and doesn't want to do. But her dearest wish is to be with you, show she loves you and receive affection back. She's voice responsive and makes strong eye contact and is expressive, mostly of joy! She is friendly to all; I've never seen a reaction where she doesn't like a person or a dog in all my time knowing her. She meets all with a confident friendliness, expecting to make friends wherever she goes. Yet she too forms strong bonds with those close to her and remembers you, even through a few months absence.

This girl has such a strong following because she is some kind of amazing. Beautiful inside and out, she is ready for the right home with a large dog sized space in it. We will be broken hearted to say goodbye to her and yet dance with joy for hours when her forever home comes.

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