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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Gatwick Kenns

Postby RosC » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:17 pm

Shadow was very good today and we had a lovely walk. He was not so bouncy today for the first couple of minutes as he has been before so he has settled in to kennel life much better. Out on our walk, Shadow explored everywhere. We passed other walkers and cyclists and Shadow was very good and took no notice, what a good boy.
On our way back I went to my car to get a drink and Shadow leapt inside and sat in the driving seat. He didn't want to get back out - I think he wanted to be taken home!
He then said hello to another walker who had just arrived, Shadow is a really friendly boy.
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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Gatwick Kenns

Postby Mat B. » Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:20 pm

He is a lovely looking lad. With looks like that and his temperament he should be homed quickly.
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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Gatwick Kenns

Postby Froggie757 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:08 pm

I have a soft spot for Shepherds, the dog variety obviously, so Shadow was my first walk of the day. He is always so excited to see you with harness and leads and this morning he had to be a little patient as I managed to totally tie the harness in knots! The second attempt went much better and we were soon out and about in the early morning sun. He is a fab boy who I think would be great at scent work - his head is always down on the ground sniffing out the trails of the day. His coat is oh so soft and he loves a cuddle, come on forever home you are missing out!
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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby MrsP » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:32 pm

Shadow is a complete loon around other dogs out on a walk and I felt quite bad I couldn't offer him another dog to play with, our friends at Vigil might help us out with that though thumbs.gif
He's stunning and affectionate, bit green around the gills so the busy walks at Guildford are very exciting for him, but he'll get used to it.

Bit of a blurry pic due to the horrible rain.
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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby MrsP » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:55 pm

Shadow is a complete barking loon when he's excited to go out! I'm told it's a breed thing, so I just give him a shoulder rub whilst agreeing with him "Ok Shadow you tell them all about it lad". He then goes all silly and cuddly, quite the surprise for a someone who has always found Shepherds a bit stand offish. Simon has taught him "back" which you say before going into his kennel and then he walks backwards into his run giving you space to enter. You do then get a full on charge of lovin' once in but I'm a bullbreed girl so I'm more than happy with that thumbs.gif
I reckon Shadow would be an amazing working dog, today he sniffed out a discarded glove below a significant amount of undergrowth and debris! He's soooo bright! Oh and handsome, SUPER handsome!

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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby SimonF » Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:22 pm

I've been spending a bit of time with this young lad over the last 3 weeks and have seen him grow even in this short period of time.

He travelled well over from Gatwick and settled in his kennel. We went for a quick walk and he was a little all over the place which is perfectly understandable as it's quite an upheaval. New sights, new smells, new kennel, new humans, new dogs new routine, I would certainly be a bit shell-shocked.

Shadow is a bright boy and is happiest with a task to do or a scent to smell as is typical with his breed. Also typical is a nervousness of being left which can show itself in the behaviour seen when leaving/entering his kennel. Who could blame him with the past he's had as well and waiting for a human to come back.

As mentioned earlier Shadow is a bright boy so we have worked hard with him to help him realise that he's with Rescue Remedies now, and that means he will never be alone again. Ever! we have come up with some instructions for Shadow to help him deal with us entering/exiting his kennel without fuss. He will come to the gate all happy and squeaking with excitement, bouncy and just a ball of energy. This is all kennel energy that, in a home would not be present as we have seen so many times to a much higher level in other dogs before. We will instruct him nicely but firmly "Shadow, back!" He will go back 10 feet into his run and you can enter without him trying to dart to the door to get out and run all over (he LOVES a run) and also calms from his previous level, although he's still bouncy. This shows us that he can differentiate what is acceptable from not and shows his impulse control is improving in this area.

When in the kennel he is bouncy so we instruct him " Shadow, spread 'em!" to which will go onto his back legs, put his front paws on the wall and 'spread them' so you can then give this fur ball a cuddle and rub his chest to further calm him. We also use this at the end of a walk to groom him if needed. We can then harness him which he's getting better at as he is excited at what's coming, but also knows it's also coming tomorrow, and the next day, and the next so he's learning he's safe and secure with us. We then place the Canny-Collar on which helps us help him to manage his bounciness out and about and is working well at this time. We then exit and go for our walks.

Shadow is very responsive to instruction and knows 'close' and with me when walking so can walk past a very busy road with confidence that he will not dart around. He loves to be told he's a good boy when doing this :goodjob.gif: If he's walking on his own then he's sniffing everywhere and at everything. He loves time with his human and if you are stationary and ask him to 'wait with me' he will come right up to you, nestle his muzzle into your leg and accept an ear rub and head stroke. If you're lucky he will then drop his head to the floor leaving his back in the air and have a side/tummy rub and even a bit of grooming if you've brought your brush. He has learnt 'easy' and will not pull as much, although after the initial excitement of going out his pulling is less than a medium Staffy.

If we're out with another dog he will show interest and is bouncy if they are in front. He has good skills and has a waggy tail, play bows and shimmies but he's all over the place. He jumps before a bow, barks and pulls but is learning to calm and sit with us and watch a dog rather than try to bound over there. He is learning its calm and waggy tail first. It's all there, but a bit out of sequence blob6.gif]

He's a water baby and loves to have a dip, come up and then get a wash. He was a little unsure of the contact at first but as said, he's finding his paws and now will jump in, run up to us and present his tummy for a clean. Such an adorable boy who is yearning for human interaction and the security he needs. Can you tell I adore him!!

Returning to kennels has been a challenge as mentioned above, the uncertainty of being left and his memories and breed have contributed to this but the boy is a trooper and has worked hard, I'm talking hard! and he's put the time in and is now seeing the benefits of the work. We can walk in to his run, he will calmly let us take off the harness, Canny-Collar and leads. We use a long chain lead on the harness as he is still a little unsure on his return and with material leads he can redirect and pull on them. The chains negate this for now and we have been swapping for material ones on the walk but not in kennels. I am confident that in a few weeks he will not require the chains at all.
We then instruct "Shadow, into bed" where he will sit and calmly wait for a treat. He loves a couple of bits of jerky and will give either paw if requested. We then say "Shadow, wait!" and he will sit in his bed and you can exit without him motioning to try to get out. A pigs ear at this point makes him a happy boy.

So, in a nutshell:

1. He is an active dog that would love a home that can offer him further training and also possibly agility/scenting/Canicross as he is a breed that does benefit from getting out and burning that energy off.

2. He is very clever and will continue to want to train and learn which is such a great trait to have.

3. He has the skills to be able to eventually meet other dogs well but needs work in this area (I foster a dog that was all over the place but with work she now meets any dog((not small furries)) with confidence) and will flourish.

4. He's Gawgeous!!!!!!!! love4.gif

5. He showing much better impulse control and this is improving daily. I can see him managing this area more and more which is so positive.

6. He is self correcting and will look for guidance from you if he feels he's becoming nervous. This is such a great improvement.

7. He is showing a calmer dog out and about which fills me with confidence that he will settle further with time in a home.

8. Did I mention he's Gawgeous love4.gif

Shadow is a great boy. He's only 2 and has not had the input he should have had by this time in his life. He is, however, showing that he wants to learn, he wants to be a 'Good Boy', he wants to be able to trust you, he wants to show you his potential, he wants you to love him and make him feel safe, and he wants to be your gawgeous new addition to your family.

We loves ya Shadow love4.gif
Stunning boy who's learning to stop and take it all in.
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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby RosC » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:59 pm

So glad that Shadow is coming on leaps and bounds. He is such a good natured dog, just not quite sure how to deal with the excitement of life! It seems he is settling well and to be learning self control is brilliant.
With the right home he will be the most amazing addition to a family - well done all at Guildford and good luck Shadow!
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Re: Shadow Dutch Shepherd DofB 06.14 Guildford Kenns

Postby SimonF » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:55 am

He's doing really well. We use a chain lead to get out of kennels on his harness now but transfer to a long material lead when out. So many dogs show this behaviour in kennels so it's nothing new to us and he really is looking like he's enjoying the praise and freedom of the longer lead albeit only a few feet more than a standard lead.

He is such a cuddle monster when he's out and will stop, push his head into his your leg and have a nose rub love4.gif

Walking on his own or in front of a kennel mate he's a dream. Very active and sniffing everywhere and everything. He's learning that not all dogs like to be shouted at and will sit while they pass but the trademark Shepherd excitement whimper can be heard but is lessening as the days go by.

He would make such a great addition to a family who understand the needs of this breed and can offer the time and training to him.

Did I mention the cuddles love4.gif
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