Samsung Fundraising

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Samsung Fundraising

Postby helengarner » Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:43 am

Hi everyone!

I'm a walker and fosterer for RR Chessington and Guildford Kennels. I work for Samsung Electronics in HR, based in Chertsey.
Recently, I have been tasked with managing our Samsung £ for £ matching scheme. With £ for £ matching, Samsung employees can raise money for whichever charity they choose in whichever way they choose; fun runs, challenges etc. Samsung will then match the money they raise up to £1,000.

We want to rejuvenate the scheme and spread awareness of it amongst our employees with some sort of event. As I am now managing this, I'd love to get RR in to raise awareness and funds for yourselves, whilst spreading awareness of Samsung £ for £ matching at the same time.

My idea is that we bring one of two of our dogs in with a stand in our atrium area around lunch time for a couple of hours (similar to what I've seen us do at pets at home recently). All employees have to walk through the atrium to go for lunch. On our stall, we can have buckets for people who'd like to donate, as well as information about volunteering- Samsung is very local and I'm sure we'd be able to attract lots of new volunteers in this way too, people ask me about it all the time. We could bring some RR merchandise, and maybe even do a 'guess the breed' raffle. I'm sure if we had one or two of our more laid back furry friends this would attract lots of attention and we'd definitely raise a good amount!

From HR my message will be, RR is an amazing charity/ rescue I volunteer and fundraise for. Today Samsung is matching every £ raised at this event. You can do the same for your own charities too!

I will be more than happy to do the running around for the day. I can transport dogs, help set up the stall, and do a lot of the work from my end. But I would need obviously some sort of permission to do this, as well as one or two helpers on the day to help us speak to people, raise some money, and spread the word.
We need clearance from the Health and Safety people at the office, but before going into all that, I wanted to check the appetite for this and whether it would be possible.

I don't have one specific contact for this so thought I'd raise on the forum. Please let me know!
We'd really like to run the event in September is possible :crossfingers.gif: xx
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Re: Samsung Fundraising

Postby gsdlover » Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:26 pm

What a lovely idea :cool.gif:
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Re: Samsung Fundraising

Postby Jojokate » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:44 am

Great idea:) have you emailed Lynn?
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Re: Samsung Fundraising

Postby helengarner » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:05 am

Not as yet I thought I'd see what the appetite was for it first but obviously she would be aware!
Jo is this something you might be able to help with, perhaps one week day in September?
Or if you know of anyone give me a shout x
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