Volunteers Wanted!

There are many ways you can help us with our work. Browse this section & see if anything suits you - we are always appreciative of support in any form.
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Volunteers Wanted!

Post by dogsbodies2 » Tue May 27, 2014 12:08 am

Hello & Welcome!

If you have seen our adverts for volunteers, they have led you to this page and you are interested in volunteering in respect of fostering or walking as below then please follow the links and complete the appropriate forms.


WALKING VOLUNTEERS: While most dogs who have a home of their own can expect 2 walks per day, ours are lucky if they get 2 walks per week. Getting out of their kennels for even half an hour each day would mean so much to our dogs and they will love you for it.

If interested in helping then please fill out our form:
Volunteer dog walker questionnaire

FOSTERING: Here are some options for fostering....

WEEKEND FOSTERING: This is an excellent choice for those who’ve always wanted a dog but due to work find themselves unable to adopt. It gives our dogs valuable time away from kennels in a home environment and is incredibly rewarding for their fosterers. Waking up in a warm home is paradise for our dogs, as is having someone to cuddle up to and make a fuss of for the weekend.

POST NEUTERING CARE: All of our dogs will be neutered shortly after being rescued. They need at least 3 days to recover from this major operation and will recuperate much better in a home environment than they would in kennels.

LONG-TERM FOSTERING: All the joys of weekend fostering but multiplied, you get to home one of our dogs for as long as you want while they are waiting for their forever homes. Our fosterers are the backbone of our rescue, ensuring a stress-free move from one home to another and freeing up valuable spaces so we can save other dogs who are due to be put to sleep.

PUPPY FOSTERING: We are sometimes asked to help a bitch imminently about to give birth or already with young pups. These dogs cannot be cared for in rescue kennels and foster homes are hard to find for these special need dogs. Please register your availability if you would be able to assist at some future time (our request will be urgent and real)

If you choose to foster we will always ensure that we match a dog to your experience, personal circumstances and preference. Some of our dogs are ideal for first time fosterers while other may be more challenging and in need of extra help and reasurance but back-up is always available for you should you need any help or advice.

Click here: Fostering questionnaire

Click here: link to our fostering sub-forum
This forum is free to join and you can register by going to the top of the page and registering by clicking 'Join'.

Thank you

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