Seminar canine Introductions, Interactions and Integrations

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Seminar canine Introductions, Interactions and Integrations

Post by Dawn Allen » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:14 pm

There are too many dogs finding themselves homeless. Helping dogs to find their foster and forever homes is vital. Homes can break down when owners and carers feel they can no longer cope with a dogs behaviour. Education and raising awareness about ways to support our dogs to prevent, manage and develop behaviour can be the difference between a dog staying in their home or not.

I know that little Sarah-dog was one of the lucky ones to be taken under the wings of RR just in the nick of time! She then found her paws when she came to stay as a foster. I am proud to say this worked out as a failed foster and Sarah adopted me. She makes me smile every day.

This seminar is aimed at pet dog owners, fosterers and anyone that volunteers and works with dogs. A fun, friendly and informative opportunity to learn how to:

Recognise and develop your dogs skills
Discover and explore how dogs silently Communicate
How to use interactive games and activities for calm stimulation
Improve the human/dog relationships in the short, medium and long term
Enrich your dogs life for well being
Menu For Success using real life skills for life

Dogs will need to sit this one out and stay at home. You can then share what you learn with them when you get home.

The workshop is on Sunday 19th November from 10.30am to 1.30pm in Lewes. For further information please call Dawn at Four Positive Paws on 07941 517571 or via and face book @fourpositivepaws :icon_barking_dog-116.gif:

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