Nylabone problem

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Fred R
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Nylabone problem

Post by Fred R » Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:57 am

My foster dog Ruby absolutely loves her Nylabone. But it now shows some tiny but extremely sharp ridges which made her yelp every time she picked it up. A a precaution I have now removed the Nylabone. She still has her Tripe filled Calcium Bones which seem to be a safer option and which she enjoys just as much.

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Re: Nylabone problem

Post by Rummibailey » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:06 am

There is always debate over the best chew toys for dogs. I personally am not a fan of nylabones for the reason you say and that my dogs showed no interest in the one I bought them to try a few years ago!

I give them constant access to the tripe filled white bones you mention and these remain popular long after the trip had been nibbled out. I also give them antler chews, which I know some people are not keen on due to concern over breaking teeth but we have never had any problems with this.

Best chews in my opinion are raw bones, such as chicken thighs/drumsticks, lamb bones and ribs. Our dogs love these and chew them out in the garden until all gone (chicken doesn't last long!). Teeth are in great nick!

Our Loki also makes his own chew toys from our kitchen recycling box, loving empty fizzy bottles and milk plastic bottles!
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