How did you get involved with Rescue. ...

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How did you get involved with Rescue. ...

Post by sweetpea » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:01 am

As children our house was always taking in a rescue animal ....a hamster , chickens , kittens , goats and rescue ponies and horses mum rented land for the goats and horses ...we always had at least 3 dogs ....i was very lucky to be bought up with such a variety of animals. ...
My first rescue lurcher was 28 years ago ....a whippet collie X staffy ....and i have had lurchers and terriers ever since ... blob6.gif] a good combo for our life style ...we live 5 min drive from acres of woodland. ...
I started fostering 20 years ago when i met my local dog warden /animal welfare officer who became one of my greatest friends. ....Pam was ahead of her time. ..trying to educate children about the importance of animal welfare ...going into school with her whippet this was 30 years ago ....helping to educate people as well about feeding and living conditions of their dogs times her job was unbearable with the cruelty she saw .... smiley-sad010.gif but she also helped thousands of dogs find a better life and some that couldnt be saved had a week in council kennels with walks and food before quietly going to the bridge ....i fostered many dogs for her ....Although she is retired she continues to help dogs in need especially older dogs ......
I have met some amazing people through the dogs ...laughed and cried .....and made life long friends thumbs.gif thumbs.gif

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Re: How did you get involved with Rescue. ...

Post by pits » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:54 am

That's a great story :)

In the beginning I decided to see if I could help out a local rescue group where I lived at the time, and I started off doing random things like making them a new website and making two of these DIY wooden frame bottle spinning treat games that they suggested to help keep the dogs occupied, and then I slowly got more and more involved doing more things since I loved helping out and also being able to give the group's rescue animals more attention etc, and eventually became part of the group. I was never so aware of animal welfare issues until then, but when I got into it all, it felt natural and like the perfect thing for me, and I've just gotten more passionate about it all as time goes on. I had to move since then, but I continue to help them, and I want to help RR how I can too.

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