Re-homing questionnaire

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Re-homing questionnaire

Post by peeteepee » Fri May 27, 2016 3:06 pm

We've decided the time is now right to have another dog in our life after a break of a year or so and consequently, we've been perusing the various rescue websites. We registered with a couple of rescues to notify them we're looking, but without having seen a specific dog. We decided to do this so that the paperwork is in place if we see a dog we like.

Having arrived at Rescue Remedies we now find we're blocked from applying or even registering, as question 4 on the re-homing questionnaire precludes us from applying because we're in discussions with other rescues (4. Rescue Remedies is the only Rescue we are in discussions with). We're unsure what the rationale behind this is. There are lots of dogs looking for homes and so few adopters, yet we seem to have blown our chances with Rescue Remedies.

We could, of course, lie to the exclusivity clause question, but that would be dishonest (anyway, we've come clean now and admitted we've applied to other rescues).

Any thoughts about our dilemma?

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Re: Re-homing questionnaire

Post by montyjack2 » Sat May 28, 2016 9:04 am

This would be a long explanation , there are various reasons , everyone is a volunteer, some rescue dogs are in foster homes, so if someone is interested in a dog, there is a lot of organising for visits etc, some people may have to change their arrangements so someone can visit. So if that was all put in place and then the potential adopters just said, oh we have found another dog from another rescue, it would be a waste of people#s time and effort. Or if you took a dog and then another rescue had one you would prefer (not saying YOU are like this) , the present dog would suffer, this rescue is very much for the dogs and what they need and want, so they come first.

There are other reasons, im sure someone else can think of but above is a starter. Good luck with your search xxxx

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