Patterdale excessive shedding

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Patterdale millie
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Patterdale excessive shedding

Post by Patterdale millie » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi all,need help have a smooth coat patterdale terrier bitch and the hair that comes off her is ridicules does anyone know if this is normal for the breed or can recommend a solution as it’s a real problem

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Wander Woman
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Re: Patterdale excessive shedding

Post by Wander Woman » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:57 pm

Hi, I'm sorry that us forum members have not commented sooner. I'm not an expert on Patterdales, but I have had several other short/smooth coated dogs. They do shed. And most of mine have had dark coats, so woe betide me when I wear white and my dogs want a cuddle! I use a sticky roller to grab fur off my clothing and bedclothes, etc., when necessary.

I also use a rubber brushing mitt to brush my dog, as her skin is too sensitive to use a wire or boar's hair brush, for example. Periodic bathing will help, but I wouldn't recommend overdoing this, because it will break down your dog's natural skin oils, which protect its skin and coat.

Just how much is your Pattie shedding? Does s/he have bald patches? If so, I would recommend a vet visit. It could possibly be caused by an allergy - either food or environmental, especially if the shedding is accompanied by lots of itchy scratching and/or angry red patches.

I hope you and your dog find some relief!
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