IN response to Cleo and Bailey

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IN response to Cleo and Bailey

Post by Rescue Remedies » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:38 pm

IN response to Cleo and Bailey whom are being posted on social media as being stolen by Greenwich Council dog warden.  These are the facts:
1. Bailey and Cleo were unclaimed strays from the above council. They were not microchipped and no identification tags, which made it impossible to locate the owner. The owner did not contact the council within the 7 days nor post on Doglost.
2. Our rescue came forward on the final day of them being put to SLEEP/euthanized when they became the property of Greenwich council and we received legal ownership of them.
3. We were alerted that the owner had been looking for these dogs on social media and one of our volunteers used social media to make contact to the named owner Fiona.  After phone call conversation it appears that Bailey and Cleo’s owner is Cherie.  We then spoke to Cherie who admitted that there was no identification on her dogs.  She verbally agreed to adopt the dogs at the cost of £350 donation and filled out our homing questionnaire. We have spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated  and kennelled both dogs for 3 weeks.  The owner would have had to have paid Greenwich Council £400 plus microchip fine.
4. Both Fiona and Cherie have our e mail address but have chosen not to respond instead appealing on social media.  We did remove Bailey and Cleo off our website and as no contact has been made with us we are looking for a responsible home for them both.  The acting council have now been informed.


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