Urgent Need for Fosterers

Urgent Need for Fosterers

Postby Rescue Remedies » Mon May 26, 2014 11:35 pm

The pressure is immense with dogs losing their lives daily for want of a Rescue place, and dogs being held waiting for kennel spaces/ foster places. We are carrying big numbers and under intense pressure both for kennel space and financially. Please can you help by considering fostering ..we do have a lot of easy dogs sitting in kennels or could you email me if you are willing to set up a standing order to support us carrying such a ground swell of dogs in kennels.

If you are considering fostering, be aware we usually offer you a dog already known to us and match your experience and comfortability.

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We do not use homes with un-neutered pets We can not pay people to foster our dogs, we are all volunteers and contribute in different ways. The offer of the foster place is from the heart, in support to that individual dog. We ask you not to take risks with our dogs; non of our dogs should come off lead as our insurance will not cover us. We ask you to move forwards very slowly, building trust and confidence so the dog receives positive labels and proceeds with success and 'good dog!' shaping their every move. Do not judge a dog within the first 48 hours..they need time to settle.

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