Best way to introduce a rescue dog into new home?

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Best way to introduce a rescue dog into new home?

Post by Shoura » Fri May 18, 2018 2:13 pm

I may be overthinking this!!
Fredds is coming to live with us tomorrow!!
He has met my two 13 year old terriers twice and all was fine.
I’m wondering whether to let him explore the house or the garden first?? On his own or with mine???
Like I said I’m probably overthinking it, and provided I’ve got a plentiful supply of roast chicken, it will probably go swimmingly whatever I do!
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Re: Best way to introduce a rescue dog into new home?

Post by Deborah » Sat May 19, 2018 4:07 am

Congratulations! I'm sure more knowledgeable people will be here soon/ when you pick up fredds you can ask then. I think lynne written some step by step instructions here somewhere... the advise is to introduce slowly, maybe go for a joint walk then garden, then house, maybe another day... but give them breaks from each other. And no toys or food when they are together. Let fredds sniff the house without your terrier. And good luck. :havefun.gif: :dog_running-186.gif: 0028.gif :crossfingers.gif:
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Re: Best way to introduce a rescue dog into new home?

Post by Wander Woman » Sat May 19, 2018 8:31 am

I concur with what Deborah has said. Slow and steady wins the race. Take them for a group walk and get them happy with each other's presence before introducing in the house. I have a sensitive dog, who is actually good with other dogs, but is insecure. We lost one of our dogs to cancer, so we introduced a new dog several months later. We walked them together and they met outside on neutral ground several times. Then we introduced them in the garden together before we allowed the new dog into the house.

Every dog is different, but my old boy took a little while to accept our new girl in the house. He sleeps up in the bedroom with us, but it took about a week before we could let her sleep up there wit us, as he was really insecure. We used a combination of stair gates blocking rooms, and crates so that if he got uncomfortable or I couldn't supervise, nothing OTT would happen. We stuck to it, introducing them room by room, and now we have a harmonious pack roaming freely.

I would advise and agree with the above - no toys and do not feed together for a while. You will probably know when it's safe (if ever) to do so. We fed in separate rooms at first, then got closer and closer. We still have to be careful that our girl doesn't steal our boy's food because he is so timid and will just let her. Food and toys can be a flashpoint. Remove everything that someone could get possessive over.

Have fun! The Rescue will offer you advice/help if you need it! Thanks for adopting Fredds - Hope the transition is smooth and that you have a lovely harmonious pack in no time! :crossfingers.gif: :crossfingers.gif: :crossfingers.gif:
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Re: Best way to introduce a rescue dog into new home?

Post by Polpat » Sun May 20, 2018 8:02 am

Cant really offer anything new as I agree with all the above. I have made mistakes bringing a new dog into the home. Going for a walk first on neutral ground is excellent advice - the dogs then get to know each other, have a good sniff and sort each other out all on neutral territory. Feeding separately or closely supervising it is also a really good idea and even now (years later) I do not give bones to the dogs when they are altogether (I have 4). I think letting the new dog settle, without over fussing him is a good plan and lessens the chance of your other dogs becoming jealous. I dont think you are over thinking anything - I think its great that you are aware there may be issues - at the same time, if you are anxious, the dogs will pick up on it so I would say be relaxed but aware. I am sure it will be fine!

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