Over protective at home

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Re: Over protective at home

Post by Vikki » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:56 pm

One more very odd thing, he does not guard in car, anyone can walk past or get in and he doesn't give a hoot which I find really bizarre!
And if at pub, he guards against general people approaching but when waiting staff bring food he is cool with that - greedy boy!
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Re: Over protective at home

Post by PhilC » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:40 am

Sorry about the delay, the behaviourist had family issues in the States after her visit and I thought I would wait until her report came though. She suggested that the barking may be a sign of anxiety rather than being protective, which was a surprise as I can see no other signs of Megan being an anxious dog.
There was quite a lot of general advice but here are the main recommendations
Regarding the barking at the postie, she pointed out that from Megan's point of view the barking succeeds as the postie goes away again, and this tends to reinforce the behaviour. It must be frustrating when people don't go away but come to the door and then into the house.
The advice was very much in agreement with your suggestions. We now have a pet door fitted and have plugged in a pheromone diffuser. The advice was to place a mat and train Megan to settle there as it means a treat is coming. This will act in a positive way so that she equates people coming to the house with pleasure, i.e.treats. I’m sure given time this will help.
I’m not sure about the diffuser as Megan is usually completely calm until someone approaches the house, the change then is instant and she can’t, at present, be distracted. The diffuser appears to have no effect on this behaviour and it does have a rather musty smell.
We did go to classes for a while but these ceased when the building was closed down I have now found somewhere else so we will go again.
Thanks for all your replies.

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Re: Over protective at home

Post by Polpat » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:02 pm

Hi Phil - I am glad that you have had some positive feedback and some things to try and help Megan. She certainly is not alone in her attitude towards the postman - all mine will hurl themselves at the door when he approaches and are delighted with themselves that their actions cause him to walk away again..... we have had to replace the door and attach a postbox to the wall nearby so that he doesnt actually have to come to the door anymore and we are VERY vigilant about door security when he is around.
I do also encourage visitors to our house to totally ignore the dogs and not make any approach to them or show any interest in them. This is because our smallest (a patterdale) will snap at people she doesnt know if they approach her and of course the temptation is for them to extend a hand towards her.... if we have workmen etc in the house, I do crate her as I do not want to risk any incident if someone makes the wrong approach to her.
It sounds as though you are getting to grips with Megan's behaviour and once you understand her and feel confident about dealing with it, you may find this also has a positive effect on her?
I wish you all the best as Megan's Number One Fan (apart from you and her family obviously!). Please send her a big hug from me!

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