Eating sticks

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Eating sticks

Post by Liv500 » Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:22 pm

Any suggestions around this welcomed.

Rhianna my neurotic crazy dog has developed a new obsession. Ripping sticks to pieces.

I know why it is, it's because I play with her less and she can't chase squirrels as she's old and I'm not allowed to play ball in the park as it cripples her, and she knows she's too slow for squirrels and so doesn't bother. I still give her a ball to carry in the hope that it'll stop her but it doesn't. She obsessively shreds sticks. It's because her brain is massively over active (always has been) and her body can't keep up anymore.

Why does this matter? It gives her a hacking cough.

I've taken her to the vet a lot for this. Firstly I thought it was kennel cough as it causes inflammation in her throat. Then I panicked that she was getting heart failure as she has a heart murmur but it's not. It's her stick destroying habit.

Put her on a lead? Nope can't - she's horribly dog aggressive on lead and it makes her miserable. Off lead she's fine with other dogs. As soon as you attached a lead she becomes defensive and stressed.

Put a muzzle on her? Makes her looks like I've beaten her. She hates it, and she can't carry her beloved ball. Though this is what I'm leaning towards.

Take the sticks off her? I do. Rhianna isn't what one might call 'cooperative'. Getting a stick off her is a battle of wills and strength that results in the stick splintering anyway.

What do I do with this crazy dog of mine?

She's eleven years old and still dreams up every day a new thing to make me worry about her.

I'm leaning towards a muzzle. Though it's going to be horrid as she still grumbles at every dog she walks past - everyone's going to be terrified of her. Which I don't care about, it's just it makes me sad for her that everyone makes such a fuss of tarty little Tabs and are afraid of her. This already happens enough.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with their dog?

A hooligan brain in an old body just seems so unfair!! She loves her walks, gets so excited. This is just an escalating obsession that I can only put down to her having to direct all that energy into something as her body won't cooperate in burning it off!

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Re: Eating sticks

Post by montyjack2 » Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:58 am

Have you tried a safe stick, you can get them in pets at home x

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Re: Eating sticks

Post by MrsP » Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:16 pm

Tizer is stick obsessed, we had to do LOTS of work on his 'leave it'. He can now have a little chew and when we think it's getting enough we'll tell him to 'leave it' and he does. He's always loved cheese more than sticks though, it'll be hard if Rhianna loves sticks above all else. What about a punctured football ;)

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