Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

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Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by 12eclypstaff12 » Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:34 pm

Hi all

Am after advice please. We have been doing really really well with our rescue boy Benson as you all know.

I have been taking him to classes when I am not working and have really achieved lots of good things including pack walks which have been amazing and something I never thought Benson would do, but he really does love them and does really well with most dogs

My question is I have started recently walking with a lady who runs her own doggy walking and boarding business, we have had some wonderful walks with her with all breeds including a doberman , a schaunezer, a beagle and we regularly walk with our neighbours dog who is a little jack russell and Benson is brilliant

The last time I walked with the doggy walker there were two young male entire labroadors on our walk , we went nearly to the end of our walk and then Benson and one of the labs just pitched into each other, which was very upsetting, the walker managed to split them very quickly and then we had them on leads for the rest of the walk but they were continually looking for each other to continue the scrap

We have not walked with her since to be honest but have continued to walk with our neighbours little jack russell. I have also been doing lots of off lead walking at a disused airfield and been training him to sit and lay down and come when called and he walks very nicely by my side to heel which is very good for him. His recall is still a force to be reckoned with but when there is a squirrel that is much more important so I have a lot of work to do there. I also met another dog walker here the other day and he had a pomeranian and Benson and he played beautifully together it was really lovely to see, so I am really struggling to know what I can do that can help Benson have a good experience. Is it because he feels threatened with a bigger male dog ??? I know no all dogs get on with each other like humans ??

Today we went for a walk with the little jack russell and did a normal walk through woods Benson knows well and my hubby let him off for a bit to have a run and he was being very good and coming back when called immediately. We turned a corner and another walker came round with a very large black lab and we continued to walk past and told him to leave the other dog at which point he just decided to pitch into the dog ????? My husband was very cross with him and ended up in a very heated discussion with the lab owner which was very embarrassing and ended up with us having a huge row about Benson and that he has to go back to rescue !!!!!

I am as you can imagine very very upset as we knew, well at least I knew what I was getting myself into and that it would be a very long road and a different road to the experience we had with our previous staffie who we had had since a pup. My hubby will not get into his head that he is a rescue and probably may never get on with all dogs and have certain issues and he is now refusing to walk him . I find this very very upsetting and sad that he can do this but really would like some advice as to what ''I'' Can do to help my lovely boy ?????

any advise would be gratefully received

Bensons mum sally xx

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by sweetpea » Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:53 pm

Bless you Sally ...i really feel for you its bad enough people reactions when you have a reactive dog ...but when its a dog that resembles a bull breed people over react lurchers Hate labradors especially entire ones lot now where muzzles whilst offlead as it gives me peace of mind ...i also think when you are nervous benson may pick up on it ....i can understand your upset with your husband as you have come so far with benson for him to want to give up on him :smiley-sad010.gif: .....go back to basics with him ....get him to focus on you and lots of praise when he is calm ....i would only walk with dogs that you know he is comfortable with ...god knows what has happened to some dogs ....Keep your chin up Sally xxxxx :smiley-gen132.gif:

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by Dani » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:38 pm

It's a shame your husband isn't supporting you on this as you are great for Benson. It was never going to be easy for Benson as he struggled in kennels so badly I remember ,the fact he is mixing with dogs so well is amazing and a credit to you and your hard work. My advice is don't give up on him and if you find the incidents are off lead keep him on lead . Males dogs fighting is really not unusual and especially if they are entire but they can be prevented. I think he is threatened by alpha males dogs in my opinion .Try not to have high expectations of him and remember how far he has come :biggrin.gif: .You have done amazing with him Sally .
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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by sweetpea » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:55 pm

What we have to Remind ourselves that we dont like All Humans just like sone dogs dont like All dogs ....You have done So well focus on how far Benson has come with you and work on things that unnerve him :smiley-gen132.gif:
Really hope your hubby comes round see things in Black and White not like us girls we love Warts and all :D xxxx

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by Doglets » Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:12 pm

Ah Sally it's really hard, I sympathise. My husband is passionate about our three rescue dogs, but only after I pointed out that our four children are far from perfect, and we didn't hand them over to an orphanage when they committed misdemeanors (and there were many!). The rescue dogs NEED us, and most of them will always be fragile in some way, and prone to over-reacting. We have one that is a 'biter', one that is a crazed Jack Russell who screams and shouts at people and other dogs, and one who is easy, but only because we have had him since he was 8 weeks old (rescued from a gypsy camp). All I can say is Keep Benson on a short lead and close to you whilst on walks, and keep him in his comfort zone (on lead, away from dogs he doesn't know). Build up his confidence, and when he is on a short lead he will feel close to you (although somewhat restricted) and that you are in control, and also that you are in charge, i.e. responsible for safety and security, which may take some of the stress away from him. I would leave the off-lead training for a while, so that you are not asking anything of him, other than accompanying you on walks. A pocket full of treats never hurts, and each time he manages to walk past another dog without reacting give him one. I am sure your hubby will come round, but obviously it is an emotional time for you. If he sees you going off on your own, walking Benson without a fuss, he will hopefully feel a bit guilty!! GOOD LUCK and stay strong xx

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by MrsP » Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:42 pm

If he's not bulletproof with other dogs you cannot let him off the lead, it really is that simple, like Doglets says. When he's a bit more comfortable put him on an extender, he'll still have plenty of lead to run about on and a general feel of freedom but with you being able to lock and pull him in when a random scary Lab shows up.

My boy can go offlead cos you can call him off anything (even when he was attacked by a spaniel earlier this week), but my Charlotte can't because we cannot 100% trust her. It's no great hardship, she's still very happy and enjoys her walks.

Having Benson off lead might feel lovely for you but actually you're putting him more at risk. Don't get hung up on having an offlead dog, it really isn't that important, it's not essential for a dogs happiness. Yes they look adorable running around but he wants to be part of your family more than be offlead, I'm sure of that, and if another owner reports him as dangerous you may well lose him to the dangerous dogs act. Harsh response I know but very much the climate we live in.

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by Hoonercat » Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:58 pm

Lots of dogs feel threatened by larger dogs (especially where 2 males are concerned) yet are fine with small dogs who they don't see as such a threat. The important thing is to recognize which type of dog he struggles with and avoid situations which will make him feel stressed as this will only heighten the issue.
As Laura has said, he really shouldn't be off-lead for his own safety. He may be ok with small dogs or dogs that he knows, but he could react to a small dog who shows aggression to him.

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by cobden28 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:05 pm

Perhaps a basket muzzle might help also?

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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by B3113 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:46 am

I totally feel for you as we have been going through a similar thing and I would definitely advise you to keep Benson on lead and secure so you don't go through what we have. The law is very strict now and you just don't know how other dogs and owners / walkers react. The DDA is very strict now.

[*Apologies I removed my story as my partner feels because of the ongoing investigation taking place it was best not to share too many details.*]

Basically our boy Simon was involved in an incident with an off lead Dog which resulted in the police being involved. It was the most stressful time of my life, thinking he would be pts even though it was not his fault.

There is a lot more to our story as a witness has come forward and new information has come to light which is all positive for us, but it still is an extremely stressful situation to go through.

It's sounds like you have been doing great work with Benson so keep it up but just keep Benson and yourself safe to, it is not worth the risk.

Just also want to say a big thank you to Luisa who was at the end of the phone when we needed her xx
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Re: Help !!!!!! Dog aggresssion advice please

Post by Pegmilly » Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:40 am

Benson is a lovely boy, you've done so much for him, his achievements are testament to that. Learn by this mistake, you said yourself his recall is not 100%, so don't let him off lead. Benson did not want to scrap with the other dog, he just reacted in the only way he knew how. He can't tell you he doesn't like certain situations, so it's our job as their owners to avoid any triggers. People make such a big deal about wanting their dog off lead - but unless your dog has 100% recall, no matter what breed it is, then don't do it. Really, you set Benson up to fail, I know this wasn't at all deliberate on your part, but learn from this. Benson has excelled at many things with your hard work and love, your updates prove that. This was a blip, it's done, don't dwell, move on, enjoy your boy just the way he is. He is a super boy, not liking other off lead large dogs does not make him a bad boy, just one who didn't like the situation he was in. Pat yourself on the back for sticking by him, helping him, loving him, don't beat yourself up over this incident. As owners, we live and learn and every one of us makes mistakes. Big hugs to you all. Xxx

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