Where's the Line? Staffy & Baby Integration

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Where's the Line? Staffy & Baby Integration

Post by Barneydog » Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:18 am

Hi everyone
I have a 6 yr old rehomed staff x and am looking for help and advice. We had him from when he was 6 months old and, He's the centre of my world, very loving and affectionate with people, true to his breed he can be stubborn at times but generally he's an amazing companion.
We have difficulty due to his past with other dogs, he used to engage and play but now he is defensive almost to the point of aggression which is not a true reflection of his character.
My wife and I recently had a baby Who is 4 months old, we read up and began training with baby gates to get him used to new boundaries. We introduced him to the baby gradually and tried to include him to show he wasn't being cut out of the pack.
Recently there have been 1/2 incidents when he has shown concerning behaviour, cornering my wife when she goes to tend to the baby, being jealous of males showing the baby attention. Finally an attempt to take a toy from the baby which could be described as a lunge.
I will back him to the hilt of his behaviour against my wife's concerns and suggestions of rehomming, there are no magic fixes I know but is there any guidance out there to help me prove he belongs in the family.
My concerns must be the safety of my child but I am not willing to give up.

Any supportive words/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Where's the line.

Post by sweetpea » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:37 am

Its all about management...put a towel in the babys bed overnight and then give him the towel in his bed .....try not to exclude him too much as this can heighten insecurity.....his whole world has changed with a baby coming into the home so its just time and patience..you already have gates in place ....staffys are usually great with babies /children but it maybe your wifes anxiety he is picking up on ....... :smiley-gen132.gif: So many people rehome their dogs when they have a baby ....my son was bought up with 5 dogs and there has nevet been an incident...Never leave a dog near a baby alone for a second ....its always humans Fault when something happens .....Thank goodness you are asking for help andnot to rehome him .......give him lots to do like a treat ball when the baby is around and a stuffed kong then he will associate the baby with nice things ....but staffys are so in tune with their people if your wife is on edge with him he will be too ......love to see photos of him and your baby :D

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Re: Where's the line.

Post by staffylevi » Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:25 am

Also make sure your staffy gets plenty of exercise - some down time from the baby, an alone time with you and most importantly to burn any excess energies. Is he neutered? Neutering can ward off some unwanted behaviours and may help him to relax a bit more. It's great to see you asking for advice and not giving up like so many do! :thanks.gif: for posting!! :)
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