Vegan dog food

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Re: Vegan dog food

Post by JenG » Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:40 pm

Can we maybe lock and archive this now?

I think both points have been made - it's a shame people have taken offence to opposing views. Points on both sides have been interesting and valid. I will still stick by what I think that we must see what our dogs thrive on, we must also not judge one another for our personal choices and understand that everyone's nutritional needs are different. I have tried both vegan and non vegan diets and I found the one to suit me and my personal nutritional and medical needs. We have to look after ourselves and our dogs on individuals needs. Let's embrace our differences and celebrate our similarities - namely saving wonderful rescue dogs!
Yes I am now sounding like a hippy! Lol!! Love to you all!!

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Re: Vegan dog food

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Thank you for everyone's comments, we have decided to lock this topic and after tomorrow this topic will be closed.


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