The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

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Rescue Remedies
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The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by Rescue Remedies » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:24 am

A huge huge huge thank you to absolutely everyone who has helped in any way with the fundraiser. Many have helped in various ways behind the scenes that have led to this fundraiser being the success that it was. The brainstorming and advice, sharing, and other aspects of people's support have helped hugely throughout the fundraiser. Social media played a very big role in the success of this fundraiser and I give a big thank you to all those who helped share the fundraiser, many of these tasks are tedious or boring but they have a big impact. A very big thank you to Teresa Mitchell for the constant sharing of each blog update and the fundraiser! A big thank you to all the awesome dogs who happily welcomed the disheveled weirdo (me) into their kennels too! :D

I have tried to list every person who has donated or otherwise helped here, I don't believe that I've forgotten anyone, but if so, do let me know!

There have still been donations now and again and the donation pages will remain open for a little while longer, but the current grand total is:


Organizations: Susy Radio/Chrissy Muir, Eagle Radio, The Dodo, Vegan Life Magazine, Solo UK/Emily, Judy Down From The Port, Dogs Monthly, Petersfield Post, Crawley Observer, Get Surrey.

People: Nicola Helyer, Alison Thacker, Laura Prendergast, Teresa Mitchell, Maria Richardson, Chrissy Muir, Frances Dalton (Fran), Jo Rising, Suzanne Cooper, Cora McLaren, Frances Rankin, Emma Duncan, Tara Overington, Terry Hopson, Helen Young, Anne McPartlan Dettbarn, Deborah Hoal, Sarah King, Lynne, Ros Clark, Alison Clarke, Frances Breslin, Judi Picoult, Ali Bate, Justine Ive, Debra Morris, Angelique Dwyer, Laura Moon, Ellen King, Debbi-jayne Challenger, Cherry Perkins, Dymphna Evans, Emma Stopford, Julie Oldfield, Luz Helena, Victoria Goode, Tina Moon, Katrina, Christina Thistlethwayte, Polly Paterson, Rian and Ona, Heinrich Lamprecht, Philippa Banks, Jo Locke, Clare Rogers, Kim-Marie Wootton-Thomas, Debbie Gahan, Lesley Hobbs, Susan Broadhurst, Samantha George, Denise Monk, Kate Mobbs, Linda Merrony, Jackie Hoxley, Natalie Dugdale, Eve Hitchens, Andy and Jackie Rollinson, Laura Rickard, Linda S, Clare, Kathryn Sharman, Sarah Mole, Charlie Patterson, Marion Mason, Jennifer Jones, N Outlaw, Kelly Proto, Angie Main, Diane Walsham, Judith Broadbent, Rebecca Golder, Alison Young, Joanne Grey, Tara Bolton, Lucy O'Meara, Clair Norton, Bharti Nandha, Katie Nash, Laura Kluk, Emma Cleary, Jade Berman, Daniela Hockley, Christine Elsey, Alex Bliss, Fiona Moore, Madeline Bennett, Susan Scott, Rachel Jackson, L P, Stuart Matthew, Rimona and Fouché Lubbe, Lesley Ravenscroft, Lavinia Moore, Rachel Marks, Catherine Mobbs, Irene Grant, Stephanie Lunan, Karen Seale, Karen Taylor, Nada Chebib, Liz, Nicola Negus, Elizabeth Clissold-Bate, Nicki Clark, Dee Burrows, Karin Metcalfe, Jeannette Knight, Charlotte Bass, Emma Nicole, Mrs A.D. Lowry, Dawn Singleton, Helen Garner, Sue Adam, Carolann Maddox, Debbie, Sue Lake, Patricia Smillie, Amy Dawber, J Height, Helen Hay, Jude Bregazzi, Fiona Carpenter, Jen, Lea, Alison Crook, Alison Clarke, Jacqui Cornish, Caroline Cornish, Nessa Cramp, Julie Day, Jennifer Blenkiron, Jo-Jo Price, Stacey & Jon Linstead and Terry Patterdale, Jo T and Molly Staffy, Andy Mckeown, Lucy O'Meara, Vicky Allen, Alison Burrell, Jerome Jaton, John Faria, Fred R, Milla N, Heather Ward, Catherine Holmes, Faith Clark, Corri Hubbard, Karen, Tom & ex-RR girlie Ruby, The Lankfords, Susan Richards, Barbara Nyes, Rachel Edwards, Becky Owen, Mark Gill, Joanne Hackett, John Fountain, Jenny & Josh, Tim Childs, Zoe Pragnell, AliKat, Stephanie Pinner, Christine, Gary McKeown, Carol Pannell, Hugh Parker, Marie Blackburne, Sheila Ross, Shelley Nicholls, Hilary Ellis, Ros (Sandy) & Georgia (RR), Lindsey Bailey, Pablo Tribute, Melanie Mackay, Sharon, Norman and Freddie (rr), Maria Richardson, Sunny, Barry, Moira Leahy, Donna Hadley Deakin, Shahid Khan, Janet Rodgers, Annie Thomas, Linz, Stephen Hanks, Linda Osman, Karen Parfitt, Isabelle Duncan, Jac, Phil, Bobby, Janice Cruse and all of the Anonymous donors.


and a thank you from Queen Edie too:
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Chrissy M
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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by Chrissy M » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:30 am

Incredible total and a lot more people now know about Rescue Remedies ! ......the supporters did the relatively easy bits you did the hard graft and a lot of the pre chasing and 'during' chasing of many media outlets...a lot of work.... :goodjob.gif:


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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by Jojokate » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:12 am

Blooming well done Johan , you are a star and everyone involved .

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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by pits » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:29 am

Thank you very much Chrissy! :thanks.gif: Yeah I ended up being so busy during the fundraiser week itself doing blogs/social media and chasing leads/media outlets yes you're right, I didn't realize beforehand how much organizing it would involve eventhough it was a "simpler" kind of fundraiser logistically. Great fun though!

Thank you Jojokate! :thanks.gif:
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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by Elliesmum » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:50 am

:goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif:
Well done everyone! What a fantastic family RR is xx
Teresa, passionate about our beloved dogs. Visit our fb page

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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by Fran » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:27 pm

You have done so well Johan - WELL DONE :thanks.gif: :thanks.gif:

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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by ChrisE » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:31 pm

Wow. Brilliant job Yohan and to all who helped to make this happen. I would imagine it was quite a humbling experience for you Yohan to be living the life of a dog in kennels for a week. I would like to think that there are now many more people who are now more aware of Rescue Remedies and the dogs who are in need of their own forever homes.

Thank you Yohan for doing this challenge, which has surpassed any expectations of what the final total raised would be.

:goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif: :goodjob.gif:

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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by Luella » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:13 pm

Absolutely brilliant John - an experience you will never forget & you have done so much good for the dogs

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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by pits » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:46 pm

Thank you all :thanks.gif: ChrisE: Yes you're right it definitely made me think and reflect on a lot of things, it was definitely a learning experience in some ways and to experience a small part of what it must be like for the dogs.

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Re: The Golden Roll of Honour - Thank You

Post by jacnmrb » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:59 am

Fantastic achievement, Johan, you are a superstar!
Hope you received our donation; please let us know if it’s gone missing and we’ll chase up.
Jac, Phil and Bobby xx

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