Blog #10 More DIY, Cold and the Amazing Patch

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Blog #10 More DIY, Cold and the Amazing Patch

Post by pits » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:30 pm

Yesterday afternoon after the previous blog's events I spent more time improving the very wet and muddy walkers' path. The specific area I was working on should now be safe to walk on without slipping around or getting stuck in the quicksand-like mud. Its not perfect but I think its a vast improvement. I also hacked away at nettle and thorn bushes that were growing into the footpathes but that's a whole day's job in itself.

Yesterday evening I met the wonderful dog Patch for the first time. I fell in love immediately with his incredibly friendly and affectionate nature, he's an older dog but still has this playful side too. I chose to share his kennel with him and he was very happy with this surprise and made these happy grumbling noises as I prepared my delightful makeshift bed.

Soon I realized he wanted to sleep in my single person sleeping bag with me and he burrowed his way in head first. Later on he burrowed all the way in so that his entire body was inside the sleeping bag with me. It was a very very chilly night and morning and we tried to warm each other up. Lynne kindly offered a surprise bowl of potato and leek which I quickly ate up, and gave Patch two pieces of potato, he had been clearly interested in the good smelling food but had been politely giving me space and not begging for food or anything.

My sleep was also patchy and I woke up early this morning. I'm so happy to have met Patch and I sincerely hope that anyone reading this will give this older but golden dog a chance or to share his info with people who may be interested. Read more about Patch here! Go on!


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