Blog #8 Photographing Zayla & Duke, Hazel & Hogan

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Blog #8 Photographing Zayla & Duke, Hazel & Hogan

Post by pits » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:00 pm

A precious meal
and DIY

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Photographing Zayla & Duke, Hazel & Hogan,
Today I spent some time photographing Zayla & Duke when me and another volunteer Steve took them to a paddock to run around in. Unfortunately I only took photos on my main camera not on my phone. I gave Hazel & Hogan some attention along with getting a picture or two with myself and them.

I did a short radio interview which the volunteer Kerry and Jen helped arrange which I am very grateful for. It will air on Eagle Radio tomorrow (5th) between 6 and 10am on the hour bulletins. I will hopefully get a recording too so that those who missed it can hear it.

I have been 99% living off of the meal replacement Solo which the brand kindly sponsored me. Though today I had a bit of "cheat meal" when Lynne kindly bought me a loaf of bread and some jam that I picked at a shop. I was overjoyed.

I started work again on improving the very muddy and wet walkers' path and soon I was hungry. I remembered the precious bread I now had, and quickly took the bread and jam to a picnic table at the kennels where with shaking hands I made two strawberry jam sandwiches at light speed and scoffed them down. I also still had an unopened bag of sweets from my "last supper" which I had not opened yet, so I ate a few of those too. I felt like I had just eaten the finest restaurant meal! That was satisfying.

Tonight I think I will sleep in the beautiful Edie's kennel!


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