Blog #7 Johan and Zayla & Duke

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Blog #7 Johan and Zayla & Duke

Post by pits » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:48 am


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Last night I spent the night with the beautiful pair Zayla & Duke. They welcomed me with open paws as if I was a long lost family member. I received lots of sniffs and cuddles and they are such lovely dogs. I setup up my "bed" on the floor and they both proceeded to steal it, plopping themselves down nicely in the middle of it. Haha. I felt too bad to push them off so I lay on the edge of the bed, though with both of them snuggling against me it was surprisingly warm and comfortable. Now and then one of them would get up to get more comfortable and give me an investigatory sniff and snuffle and then lie back down.

At one point Zayla was lying against me deciding to push her paws in my face, see the one photo showing that haha.

Later on they decided that their own bed was more comfortable and so I had my own bed back!

Very early this morning dogs started barking, a little terrier seemed to go at it far after every other dog had stopped. Zayla and Duke woke up with this loud canine chorus and then decided they were going back to sleep and laid back down.

Eventually time came to get up, and I felt sad to leave them after such a friendly and gentle welcome into their kennel, but it was time to leave.

Read more about them here! viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5137

Thanks again so much for the continued sharing and donating. Social media and the sharing by volunteers has helped hugely during this fundraiser!


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