Blog #6 a mish mash day but I get to meet Hazel and Hogan

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Blog #6 a mish mash day but I get to meet Hazel and Hogan

Post by pits » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:23 pm


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Today was a mish mash of odd jobs that I helped out with around the kennels. I also met Hazel and Hogan for the first time, a really wonderful pair who are so friendly and gentle. One of the dog walkers' paths is extremely wet and muddy so I started throwing dry organic matter like wood chips onto that to help dry it out a bit and to give a more stable and safe platform for walking on. That job will need some more work though since it is so truly wet and muddy.

I felt a bit on the tired side today and its made me think and realize more about how tiring it must also be for dogs living in shelters, I get to go home after the week is over but they do not.

Thankfully there are so many people out there who want to help animals in need, and whether as an individual or in a group, anyone can make a huge impact, even if its an impact on just one animal's life. It is amazing though what can be accomplished when people work together in a group.

Tonight I think I will sleep in Duke and Zayla's kennel which was suggested by someone. I have met them briefly and they seem like lovely dogs.

Tomorrow I will be doing an pre-recorded interview with a reporter from It will air at some other point after editing, so as soon as I know when I will let people know.

I just happened to think of macaroni and cheese (vegan style), oh how I'd love some of that right now!!!

Good night folks!


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