Blog #5 Johan and Maisie

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Blog #5 Johan and Maisie

Post by pits » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:03 am

Last night I slept in Maisie's kennel, Maisie being the super star Staffie who starred in the Dodo live video that me and her did yesterday. This time I made sure have lots of extra bedding and blankets to put on my makeshift bed which helped a lot to give a softer surface to sleep on. Also I wore an extra layer which helped for the cold. The night was ok, but it was quite chilly in the morning! I wish that photos or videos had "smell-o-vision" so that I could share that ;) Me and Maisie tried to keep each other warm.

At night the dogs generally go quiet, and there's the sounds of lots of dogs snoring going on, and sometimes the sound of a dog who woke up and can't get quite comfortable and whines a bit. It really drills home how each kennel contains an entire life, an entire world with his or her own personality, hopes, a past and a future. We can all affect that future and shape it.

This morning a dog barking for more than an hour next door was my alarm clock, and I laid there with Maisie my kennel buddy until I decided to get up.

Read more about Maisie here!: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2702

There is very good news to share this morning, the fundraising page is now at £2940 + £80 through another donation method means the amount of funds raised is now over £3000! So after discussion the goal has now been raised to £5000 to encourage people to continue donating and to raise as much as possible for all these deserving dogs!

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I don't always have access to the internet or time to use it but I will try to answer comments and posts when I can :)
The kennels are usually very dark even with lights turned on so it can be hard or impossible to get clear photos or videos using my phone, I have captured what I can though when the light allows for it.


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