Blog #2 Johan and Hank plus Maisie on the chair

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Blog #2 Johan and Hank plus Maisie on the chair

Post by pits » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:10 pm

Hi! Today I travelled to the kennels where I'll be living and sleeping for the next week. I travelled with fellow volunteer Nicky who kindly offered to give me a lift to the kennels. On the way we stopped for a snack and for my last normal meal before I got to the kennels. It turned into a rainy wet day and I feel for the dogs who cannot have the comfort of a warm cozy home in such weather. Tonight I will be sleeping in handsome Hank's kennel, and I took him for a stroll earlier and spent some time with him in his kennel. He's a wonderful dog with such an affectionate and calm demeanour. I also spent a little bit of time meeting some of the other dogs like Marley, Kevin, Edie, Patch and others which was great. I'll soon be bedding down for the night in Hank's kennel, which is one of the much nicer 3 kennels, the less dry and comfortable kennels await for later in the week.. Goodnight!

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