Hi we need your help:

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Hi we need your help:

Post by xxlynne » Thu May 25, 2017 7:46 am

Thank you for thinking of helping

Please dont tell us why you cant come at the moment or select projects you're interested in but dont have the time to start or finish.

Simple turn up after letting us know you're coming and we will have items on site or we can prepare and go and get materials.

When working on a project please be conscious of kennel staff, boarder families and walkers going about their activities and do not leave tools etc lying around. Please clear up after you Check thru as you go so we are all in agreement with the day's plan

Please DO NOT BRING DOG RELATED ITEMS ONTO SITE AND EFFECTIVELY DUMP THEM. we are overloaded and need for nothing other than sorting and scrunity where it is of use we have limited storage space and the site is looking scruffy

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