Daily log:

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Daily log:

Post by xxlynne » Tue May 23, 2017 8:57 pm

23rd May
1 hour sorting of Cattery

Van in for repair chewed seat belts (Thanks Marcus) and crack in water tank...need to take it back Friday

Main focus today was on application to Thames Water for install dog waste disposal unit straight into sewer...Trade Effluent application now completed with Sutton & East surrey Business Water so they will process it from her.

Lorenzo setting up workshop. Lorenzo organising vinyl for dog rooms to allow our other dogs to come over. Popular request Tootsie is being bought over tomorrow!

Staff meeting: Discussed pooling ideas on first duties am; use of jet wash; purchase of fencing for new paddocks and 6 kennel doors 3 panels with doors to achieve run exit and corridor down one 1/4 of kennels; general dog discussion

First 30 mins play session in paddock for Jordon; Missie and Hank. Have been offering this to Jack & Maudie may 30 mins in the evening and 7.15 in the morning

Measured up for external signs..worked on them last night
Sent to 3 companies for quotes

Called in at electricity substation to report 'Japanese knotweed' in their land next to ours!!!!!!!!!!

Maudie May to vets as very concerned about her cough...now on strong antibiotic and linctus; 4 vaccs done..Moss; Guinness; Dixie & Chico

Firmed up order for 6 new doors and 3 access panels for kennel backs and emailed for full costings

Posts: 6933
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Re: Daily log:

Post by xxlynne » Wed May 24, 2017 10:53 pm

24th May
Very busy day a lot of which I wont remember

2 dump runs including the big washing machine gone!

Rebecca spent 3 hours cleaning the kennels with a jet wash only for us to appreciate there is nowhere for the water to go as there is no central drain and a 3 inch block over the threshold of the bed area to the runs! So anyway Rebecca and i found that out the hard way trying to get rid of over heaps of water. We need some urgent work on the kennels to rectify this.

Helen was here early and painting the new cat home..and offered for Frazer to repair the bankers lamp

Family met some Staffies with no conclusive outcome

Application for waste system with the waterboard bounced back with 10 areas they weren't happy to accept including my date of birth not in the right format dd/mm/yyyy! Spent over an hour in the woods looking for the water metre with determination to find using u=ingenuity and ...didnt find it went back for another 30 mins with resulting bramble and stinging nettle rash...no water meter but I know its there!.

Prepped the plan for intake of boarders and having too many dogs for number of kennels!

Spent the evening putting 40 clients onto the computer as filing system is paper and under surname not animal name and I would prefer later and on the PC. Feel better prepped

Tootsie is here! Mrs Pudding

I hate being disorganised and get very confused in the process if I'm not. its going to be a very ling time before I'm organised...

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