Day trips or Weekend Foster for our dogs

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Re: Day trips or Weekend Foster for our dogs

Post by xxlynne » Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:01 pm

We took the unusual step several years ago of agreeing to our dogs to go home with people or out for the day even though many people thought this would be unsettling for rescue dogs.. Our dogs loved their trips and were photographed surfing sofa and lounging in the sun in back gardens! BUT yes its difficult returning them back in their kennels but always with the thought in everyone's mind...until the next time and here's wishing your home comes soon.

Days out: If you would like to offer one of our dog's time out of their kennel for a day then we welcome this for inducted dog walkers; fosterers or people who have homed a Rescue Remedies dog.

To plan a days out please email myself stating the nature of trip in terms of travel details, place, mobile no for contact and ideal time of collection and return.

You can state/specify a dog but we may discuss what dog we either feel is the more appropriate or most needy, so please be open for discussion on this, as with the timings.

I will then discuss this with the appropriate Kennel Co-ordinator Volunteer and kennel staff and they or I will come back to you to firm up details and log the planned event within our Support members section We will link in with the kennel owners but you will be given stringent times re 'back by' so not to adversely affect the kennel owners and their routines. Please inform kennel staff on arrival and remind them when you will return. Treat all kennel staff with the upmost respect.

Impulse outings: We are not adverse to impromptu events providing a speedy version of the above is followed. For example; a voluntary dog walker asking if its OK for them to take the dog off for the rest of the afternoon and bring them back the next day or before the kennels close.

In each case this must be sanctioned with myself, reported and recorded by the kennel owners with a mobile no of Kennel Co-ordinator sanctioning it and the person(s) taking the dog as a point of reference contact should you fail to return.

On all these occasions it is imperative that our dogs must be kept on a harness attached to a lead and be wearing our collar and disc. Under NO circumstances must a dog be off lead as this will invalidate our insurance cover should an incident occur, and you would be held liable personally not us. Our insurance does not cover damage to home or car and we do not cover this either, so you must take care and be responsible.

Weekend fostering: Visiting into home premises: Generally weekend fostering should be proceeded with the same degree of clear communications adhered to above but also by completion of a online fostering form Fostering procedure and we may choose to carry out a home check.

If a visit to own home premises or friends/relatives occurs during a day out as above I.e. to premises not vetted by ourselves - we ask that this is done only with a clear understanding that those premises are assessed as completely secure and any other pets are prepared for by the person/s in charge of our dog or ideally absent. For example our worse case scenario is a terrier let loose in an insecure garden or a dog visiting other pets in their home not properly assessed and a fight ensues. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of our dog/s to assure our dog's safety at all times.

We are in the service of building our dog's confidence and skills. Trips beyond the kennel walls can serve our dogs greatly. However they need to be carefully guided and we need assurance that they will at all costs avoid our dogs being challenged beyond their skills range and put in difficult situations. Anyone taking a dog must give assurance of the above without exception.

XXX PLEASE use the time out to take good pictures of our dog in interesting relaxed settings for their thread XXX xxlynne


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