Introducing dogs & cats

Have you found a dog you would like to adopt? The process is explained here and includes a Homing Questionnaire for you to complete
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Introducing dogs & cats

Post by Rescue Remedies » Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:46 pm

Firstly before applying we expect cat owners to have had a dog or dogs visit to gauge their cats rection before applying

On entering the home:

Have already secured the cat in the area you know them to be.

Keep the dog on a short lead and REMAIN ALERT ready to use voice very strongly to distract the dogs attention back to yourself

Don not allow the dog to fixate their attention on the cat(s) Allow the dog to focus visually 'see and move on' then 'see and move on' Your aim is for the dog to see the cat and think 'so what'

Give your cat escape routes so they are never cornered and lift their food up

Crates can create a barrier; and put on edge and they can feel trapped and display behaviour that entices or frightens the dog or cat. The cat can't use their body language only to attack the crate. Dog can't see it properly only smell and hear which are his 2 most vital senses but loss of vision can add concern.

Practice - Short lead control and voice call back; call back so the cat feels you're in control and they are safe and dog does also. Lead the short lead attached until you are convinces if the cat runs the dog wont chase

Calm settled atmosphere so both really know you are in control and they trust 'no harm' will come of this. If cat enters, dog on short lead and no tension given but you begin to talk to the dog to distract their attention from the cat same if cat comes into garden. Activity attracted away from cat so they feel safe and sit and watch in a safe sees cat, dog is distracted and called away treat given. You need to build up tolerance of one anothers company.

Allow the dog to smell cat's area; bed/ resting place especially as they have just left it.

Voice best to command the dog to lose attention if they fixate; some use a clap of the hands to break the focus, others use a water squirter Ensure water changed daily so fresh and squirt directly in the offending animals eyes

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