Meeting our Dogs when Homing

Have you found a dog you would like to adopt? The process is explained here and includes a Homing Questionnaire for you to complete
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Meeting our Dogs when Homing

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When involved in meeting a family and transacting a homing, these are KEY Factors

Reveal the dog Share all aspects of the dog within context ie behaviour coming out of kennel with 6 months of kennel energy there. Be aware many of our dogs have no history having been found stray through council pounds. You will be given another dog to walk alongside the chosen dog if the family isn't bring their resident or visiting dog with them. The other dog is chosen on the strength if the family fall for the accompanying dog they match the families criteria so is also an option for them. Ideally all family members need to be present either at the homecheck or at the meeting. By not attending the meeting a family member is saying I am complete accepting of the agreed breed type/ actual dog becoming part of our family. We do not agree young children should be given responsibility of deciding which dog but obviously they can express their views but the parents must be seen to chose the most suitable dog for the family. Young children can change their minds, play up when the dog is settling and expect their parents to give up the dog as they no longer want them. If you are unhappy with comments made, general feel of the people appropriate to the dog, contact Lynne via her mobile. Do not let our dog be homed if there were clear doubts revealed on meeting.
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Each family completes this prior to interview Current homing questionnaire
Adoption papers will be sent by the homing team to print out or be at the kennels to complete. The top part of the form is completed by the volunteer getting vaccination dates from lynne prior to homing. The chip number from Lynne also but if a chip reader is available always read this and note the number directly on the form which reaasures the homers where the chip is found on the upper back and it has 15 digits recheck as this must be actuate.
Read out the information on the homing form to the adoptee with special reference tour dogs must be returned to us and we ask for at least 2 week notice. We are there for our dogs throughout their life, they can not pass on to another Rescue or family, we back our dogs up for life and if they lose this connection it will put their lives at severe risk if the other Rescue or family later cant keep them. Our dogs can only put to sleep if it is a clear cut physical illness issue. Behavioral factors, our dog will need to come back to us. If the dog is young/ un-neutered they also need the 'Neutering declaration form' by their vet when appropriate age, available from xxlynne. We are not liable for any vet bills post homing. Some care aspects may still need attention, with the homing family are part of the 'care providers': This is not retail. They may be completing aspects of care such as vax. or post op care they are part of that care-chain. Notify xxlynne if some aspects were missing by writing this on the appropriate section of the adoption form.

Donation: We prefer Cash on homing or a Bank Transfer the night before. We do not have a card machine. We rarely accept cheques but if arranged made payable to Rescue Remedie and write the dog's name on the back. We do not compromise our minimum adoption donation as the majority of our dogs are costing us £400 - 500 with kenneling costs etc. Try to gently explain our conscious is very far from retail which is the way many people approach rescue. We invest a great deal into our dogs the minimum donation is gestural, supported by fundraising. Write the amount and method of payment circle cash, cheque or write bank transfer on adoption form. Trial adoptions as suggested and agreed only agreed by Dianna & xxlynne. The cash must be paid into the bank ideally the next day either physically or via bank transfer from volunteers account labelled the dogs name. Please also complete this short Tracking form on the day the money was transfer/ paid in and who paid it in

Accessories: Where a dog has come in equipped, their belongings should be reunited with them on homing if at all possible. We give a collar and short lead with our dogs. A double lead or and 'H' harness are recommended on homing and we ask a contribution of £10 each which is banked with the donation.
Disc: ALWAYS home our dog with our disc attached and ask the new owners only to remove once they have got a replacement or kept on indefinitely we do not really need them returned unless they are no longer using it. We discourage engraved as these wear within a couple of years to be become indecipherable. Their disc should NOT have the dogs name or owners surname but should have their address and mobile numbers. We strongly recommend 'pressed' disc attain via Encourage people to leave the collar on at all times especially for the 1st month as it they find a way out of the garden or get away this will mean everything to their safe return.

Transport: Ensure the dog is safe during transport either into a crate, with a seatbelt attachment or if into the boot is also secured so when the boot is opened they are not out on to a busy road. Even with long journeys we will always advocate to avoid any risk of the dog freaking with strangers and slipping the lead and running off especially around motorway services, try and make it home without a stop.

Photo & Updates: Please get a family picture and ask permission to place on our Forum, Facebook and on our websites. This really completes the process and means everything to us all. Please do not agree to update the Forum for the family only agree to help the to understand how to resize pictures. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT EACH FAMILY CONNECTS INTO WITH THE RESCUE NOT THRU ANOTHER.

Completion: Once our dog sets of for home, immediately text the homing team do not delay! Send adoption form with completed giftaid on the back and cheque to the Rescue's address at the bottom of the adoption form.


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