Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

In loving memory ...

Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby Nicki » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:00 pm

Frankie was not a dog, he wasn't from Rescue Remedies, but he was very precious to me.
Lynne asked me to put this on here, so... here goes.
Sleeping on his chair in the sunshine

Frankie was Pinky's feline companion (Pinky's thread is here: - ever since Pinky arrived at my house as a foster girl. They got on, I adopted Pinky, and the next day Frankie had a massive seizure which was initially thought to be the result of a brain-tumour, but that death sentence was relaxed somewhat after Greg The Vet ran a toxoplasmosis test, and a massive course of antibiotics was prescribed. Things were touch and go for a month or so - Frankie didn't react well to the antibiotics, but we nursed him through, and the toxoplasmosis was beaten. Damage had been done to his brain however, and in order to prevent further fitting, he spent the rest of his days on the animal form of phenobarbital, which I was warned would put his liver and kidneys under strain - and he was already in the early stages of kidney failure. As a 17 year old cat, I felt a year or two of fit free life was actually not a bad deal, and far more than the 6 months he was given on the day of his first seizure.

Frankie lived his remaining time to the full - in charge of the flat and of the garden, he made the rules and we loved him. He made the most of not one but two summers in the garden, loving the sunshine, and the fact that no other cat stood a chance with Pinky on guard duty. He was separated from Pinky at night - Frankie slept with me, Pinky had the sofa and the sitting room because all of his seizures happened between 4 & 5 am, and I didn't want Pinky to react badly to Frankie in physical distress. It was nearly 15 months before Frankie had another fit, then 8 weeks til the next one. The day before the last fit he had a stroke, and lost his eyesight. This was the only time I ever saw Frankie look frightened, as he struggled to work out what had happened and where everything was. His blood pressure was sky-high (230 where it should have been 130) and Greg The Vet looked very concerned, as he added kitteh amlodopine to Frankie's daily meds (It was a good thing he took pills well!) and warned me very gently that the blood test results might indicate that the kidneys were giving up. I was distraught, as was Pinky, who had to be kept completely separate from Frankie because her somewhat clumsy approach left him vulnerable now he couldn't see her. Amazingly, and in spite of the early morning seizure following the stroke, Frankie rallied again, and when I was expecting him to fade away overnight, he came back, regained a little eyesight (light and shade) and his blood pressure dropped. Pinky was allowed in to see him again (she does a great 'gently') a for a day or two it looked as if he might defy the odds again. Then he started to go downhill - not moving much, barely eating, drinking like a fish, and sleeping all the time. Greg The Vet said the blood test results were not dire, but looking at my Frankie Cat, I was not convinced, and when I took him back to Greg, he agreed that things were obviously moving fast. We toyed with the idea of a further set of blood tests, and IV fluids for my dehydrated Bear-Cat, but looking at my boy lying down on the table in Greg's surgery, not purring, just lying, with tired, tired eyes, I knew he was ready to go, and whilst the fluids may have brought another 24 hours, his body had given up.
Post stroke, on the day when he seemed to recover

I wanted to say goodbye to him, and to let Pinky do the same, so I took him home, and spent a last evening lying on the bed with Frankie - and Pinky - feeding him prawns - which he hardly touched - and telling him how much he was loved. When Greg and Ash - the practice nurse - arrived, things were very peaceful, and Frankie slid off into his final sleep gently.

He'd had about 14 lives in the 10 years I'd been his human, and he knew without a doubt that he was loved.

At times they may have been somewhat odd bedfellows, but they grew accustomed to one another, and Pinky adored Frankie, taking him sticks and balls, and bowing all over the place, wanting to play - all of which Frankie was deeply disdainful of.
The first thing Pinky did upon returning home from a walk was always to look for Frankie. Frankie would climb over Pinky if she was in the way, or sit on top of her if he wanted her to move. He loved to sleep in Pinky's bed, particularly if the sun was on it, and they would curl up together of an evening, in a way which made my heart hurt with happiness.
I didn't think they'd ever be this close.

And now he's gone. I feel like I've been hit in the chest with a wrecking ball. And Pinky takes herself off to his spot on the bed, lies there and whimpers. I know it will get easier, and I know he had a fabulous life - but I miss my Frankie Cat, so very very much.
Looking magnificent - only a day before the end

Pinky's Comment:
Pinky has her own Facebook page -The Little Woof - and this is the most recent post on there - in much the same way as Frankie Cat used to comment on 'The Canine's' forum Thread:

Yesterday was a very sad day. My friend Frankie Cat has been very poorly for a while and a week ago he did go blind. Mummy was sad and spent lots of time with him, and teaching me to lie still so he could walk around without being frightened. Frankie did move less and less, and he did not eat much food. This made mummy sad, so I ate the food when she wasn't looking! I think she knew really, though. She did take Frankie in his special box to see Greg the Vet, and this made me happy because Greg the Vet makes everyone feel better. But mummy came home and she was very sad. Frankie was very tired. I did lie with him on the bed. Mummy came and laid with us. Then Greg the Vet came to see us. He had lovely Ash with him. I was very excited because I love Greg. But Greg was sad too. I did say hello, and then I went and laid in my bed like a good girl. I was a bit frightened. After a while Greg came and got me, and I ran to my mummy. She had the wet salty face (so did Greg. And Ash) so I did kiss them all. And then I saw my Frankie Cat. He was in the big forever sleep. I tried to wake him up with my nose, very gently, but he would not wake up. He looked very peaceful and he was not in pain. I did say goodbye.
Sleep well, Frankie Cat.
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby sweetpea » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:37 pm

Run free over rainbow bridge lovely boy. ...huge hugs for you and pinky xxxxxxx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby xxlynne » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:51 pm

Nicki talking with you on Sunday and what you shared I came to appreciate losing Frankie was not just losing your treasure but also the loss of a whole era of your life with Pinkie being the only continuum and companion to see you through this. Frankie we all knew was a huge character and filled up your home and your life... Somehow I think you'll feel him close he, the spirit is free now.
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby Debbie(tarakisha) » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:06 pm

Nicki and Pinky my heart grieves with you for Frankie [cry.gif] I am a devoted cat lover and have rescued and rehomed many sad, lost souls. Cat's are often seen lesser than dogs, but those of us who have been and still are "owned" by them, will agree that they can be very misunderstood I'm sure. My thoughts are with you.
RIP dear Frankie xxx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby bizlate » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:30 am

Cried reading it on Facebook, crying reading it now. So many of us are Frankie Cat fans from afar - it takes a big personality to touch people you've never even met.

Sleep well, Frankie Cat, I will miss your comments on Pinky's thread xx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby MandaTK » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:00 pm

I have tears pouring down my face. Huge love to you Nicki and Pinky and biggest hugest hug to Frankie Cat run free darling out of pain you were so well loved by Nicki, Pinky and all at RR even if we never met you. I think Frankie Cat became as famous as our RR doggies for the wonderful way he loved Pinky and his very funny blogs. We all enjoyed your blog and know you loved Pinky and Mummy so much too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [cry.gif]
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby Chapmania » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:10 pm

My heart goes out to you and Pinky, Nicki. I know exactly how much he meant to you. We will all miss Frankie on Facebook. At peace now Frankie xxxxxx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby nada.c » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:15 pm

Sounds like Frankie was a special cat. So very sorry for your loss xx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby Julieh » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:24 pm

I am so so sorry for the loss of your lovely frankie , your tribute is a wonderful testament of your love for him xxx
Sleep tight little one , knowing how very much you were cherished xx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby Elliesmum » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:30 pm

I've been sharing this all along with you, but reading it all here is so sad but also lovely. What a cherished cat. Love to you and Pinky xxx
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby Monkeee999 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:21 pm

Dearest Nicki, what an incredible family and a very unique and special love you all shared. Hurting for you, so so sorry for your loss x x x thinking of you, sending you lots of love and a big hug. Hoping your pain eases alittle with each passing day. Much love to you, Pinky and dear dear Frankie x x x
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Re: Frankie Cat - April 1999 - 27th September 2017

Postby heleny » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:42 pm

I too have been a massive fan of your Frankie cat and just felt so sad when he died. I have now read this and have tears in my eyes. I know he was much loved and cherished but I know too that there will always be a Frankie shaped hole in your life which you will learn to live with. Bless that lovely cat. x
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