Churchy Churchill AmBull DOB 15.02.08 - 04.08.17

In loving memory ...

Re: Churchy Churchill AmBull DOB 15.02.08 - 04.08.17

Postby Debbie(tarakisha) » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:07 pm

RosC wrote:Oh Sarah, I am so very sorry to hear about poor Churchy. You gave him such a wonderful life after all that time in kennels, he certainly ended his life knowing how much he was loved and having enjoyed so many good times with you and all your family. Keep all those happy memories. Sorry that he didn't get his date with Bertha but at least we swapped cool dude photos!
Thinking of you, if more Bertha cuddles will help you let me know x

Sarah and I promised Churchy and Rosie a "date", gutted we didn't get to make it happen [cry.gif] Churchy will be looking down from the rainbow bridge now with love and happiness that you, Sarah ( with the help of the formidable George) made his end of life the best possible time he could of wished for love4.gif xx
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Re: Churchy Churchill AmBull DOB 15.02.08 - 04.08.17

Postby bethfarr » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:36 pm

R.I.P beautiful, taken too soon but you were loved unconditionally by your mummy and everyone that met you x
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Re: Churchy Churchill AmBull DOB 15.02.08 - 04.08.17

Postby Dawn Allen » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:08 pm

So sorry to hear that Churchy has passed and gone over the bridge Sarah. You had such a magical bond with each other and he had the best times with you. I am honoured to have met him. A very special boy. Run free Churchy. Fly high with your angel wings and find many friends that have also flown. I hope you meet my Benson, he passed very near the time you did and Brandie too xxx
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