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Re: Baylis Staffie DofB 2009 Sutton

Post by Liv500 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:22 pm

I asked Hannah if I could update this for her on how Bailey is doing (hes not called Baylis anymore).

He has had quite a nine months since September.

Bailey as it turns out was on a break out of rescue mission when he met Hannah that day. We tested him with my dogs as Hannah really needed a dog who could get along with other dogs dog. She spends time at her foster parents who have a big German Shepherd and walked and lived in high dog density areas, as well as obviously spending time with me.

Bailey is only good with Rhianna and Tabitha. He pretended that day to have good dog skills, he doesnt at all. He actively doesnt like other dogs. He's a chomper. However, he has made an exception for Rhianna and Tabitha and the three of them actually really like each other. They walk beautifully, they sleep together when I took care of him when Hannah visited her parents as they live in Swindon. In fact if anything I have to protect him from them, as they will push him off the sofa if they want that spot, take his tennis ball on a walk and steal his supper unless we are there to protect him. But this perfect behaviour is limited to ONLY Rhianna and Tabitha. He can be a little naughty...... We have no idea why - this wasnt a gentle intro, or to do with anything other than Bailey decided to be friends with these two, and only these two.

Since September, Bailey has had an awful lot of new experiences. He is not a brave dog. When he came to live with Hannah so many experiences were overwhelming and he would tuck his tail and shake. Including things which you would think would be something a dog would love - like a walk in Richmond Park. The amount of new sights and smells overwhelmed him - his feet got incredibly sore after not walking for long. The world was obviously very very new to him. He seemed to have never really been walked, and for him to stop getting sore feet took weeks.

We have been to the beach, and holidays to the New Forest, he has met all sorts of animals (hes terrible with all sorts of animals) he has been to weekly training classes, and twice weekly socialisation walks with a behaviourist, he walked every weekend with Hannah and I and his two friends Rhianna and Tabitha. Slowly his lunging has pretty much stopped. Hes great with people though, the sweetest cuddliest little dog.

In December Bailey's world changed again. Hannah found out she was pregnant. At the same time Bailey decided to get worse in his behaviour. Whether that was Hannah's hormones (he is so in tune with Hannah) or maybe Hannah was stressed, or maybe he sensed something was different. He went back to lunging at dogs again.

Understandably Hannah wasnt sure she could cope with him now she was going to have a baby. He isnt the easiest dog to walk all the time and he seemed to be going backward.

However, Hannah has put in an incredible amount of work with him, and their relationship is amazing. Hannahs baby is due in September and he has settled back down.

The two of them have now moved to Swindon. Hannah has bought a lovely house with a lovely big garden. She is also working from home three days a week and so the amount of time he gets to spend with her has increased and he is doing brilliantly. They both are.

In September he will meet his new sister - Darcey. He'll come and stay with Rhianna, Tabs and I for a week or two depending on how Hannah is feeling and when she will be ready to regularly walk again. He's so comfortable here he wont mind and anyway I give him more treats than Hannah - Im food lady.

We havent seen Hannah and Bailey for a couple of weeks since they have moved to Swindon. However, on Friday we are staying in a cottage on Saunton Sands for 7 days with the three dogs. Its right on the beach, and in the mornings and evening is deserted so the dogs can run together with no one around. We cant wait.

These are photos of the last 9 months. He is no longer the skinny little dog that he was now so much of his nervous energy has gone.
Bailey 9.jpg
Bailey 13.jpg
Bailey 12.jpg
Bailey 11.jpg

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Re: Baylis Staffie DofB 2009 Sutton

Post by mandyandmike » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:07 pm

Great update and lovely photo`s. Keep up the good work Hannah. :goodjob.gif:

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