Stanley Boxer x Lurcher DOB 2011 Rayleigh Essex

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Re: Stanley Boxer x Lurcher DOB 2011 Rayleigh Essex

Post by MrsP » Fri May 18, 2018 10:48 pm

Awesome news! So lovely to see the boy love4.gif

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Re: Stanley Boxer x Lurcher DOB 2011 Rayleigh Essex

Post by staffylevi » Sun May 20, 2018 6:43 am

What a lovely update! Always love hearing about Mr Stanley and how he's getting on. Thanks so much for sharing and please give Stan a big hug from us. thumbs.gif :goodjob.gif:
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Re: Stanley Boxer x Lurcher DOB 2011 Rayleigh Essex

Post by Steven&Karen » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:26 pm

Hi love4.gif Mr Stanley - Stan the Man - here, home from another lovely week in Suffolk on my holibobs. Loved my comfy cottage with fab walks in Orford taking in the sea air, watching swans (not quite as exciting as chasing squirrels but very interesting) and visiting pub gardens with lovely doggie biscuits on offer thumbs.gif
I behaved myself all week, only 1 growl slipped out - well the man did get too close to one of my humans and it was only a little growl! Best of all I got to run free on my favourite beach thumbs.gif
Sending lots of love to all my dearest friends at RR love4.gif thought you'd like to see my holiday snaps!

Our Stan has continued to settle in especially when the family come round, he loves our 2 year old grandaughter Izzy but we still use a stairgate but now Izzy can say his name & calls to him to the gate and shows him her toys, he gives her fingers little kisses. He's not interested in the baby, Rory, at all which is great.

He has a couple of best friends, Abby the staffie and Spider - both females who are nervous of all dogs except for Stan. He loves his very early morning walks around the town ending at the Mount, where we watch the ducks & occasionally see rabbits & squirrels, to Stan's delight. On these walks if we bump into either Abby or Spider then Stan is very happy. He has 2 lady dog walkers, Liz & Jasmine, who take him out a couple of afternoons during the week just for 1/2 hour when we are both at work so that he's never left more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. He loves them both & happy trots off with them.

After 2 1/2 years we finally took the plunge and in July Stan went into the wonderful Harvesters Farm Kennels in West Hanningfield just for a long weekend for us to go to Scotland for The Open. We were so worried that it would be too much stress for him but due to their no bark policy & two play times in the paddock each day, his own bed & food he absolutely loved it. He came home the same dog which was such a relief & the owner said he was the best behaved dog. She said that he was a pleasure to look after, so obedient & that if he came again they would like to walk him with some of the other dogs during his visit. So proud of him, I said that he'd been saved by RR and that the love, care & attention that he had received from everyone at RR after a dreadful start to his life had helped him so very much and that we'd just given him a good home where he was loved. So well done RR. xxx
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Re: Stanley Boxer x Lurcher DOB 2011 Rayleigh Essex

Post by Nurse Flo » Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:28 am

Lovely to hear from you Stanley and that you are living the high life that you so very much deserve.
I remember and think of you most weeks when I walk one of your fellow RR dogs close to the wooden bull statue that you were always mystified by regardless of how many times you saw it..... 0002.gif]

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