MeeMee Black & White Female DOB ? 2014 Horley

Project to home twenty cats that came from an animal sanctuary
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MeeMee Black & White Female DOB ? 2014 Horley

Post by xxlynne » Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:53 pm

Current Status: Available
These cats may have lived in a domestic setting prior to coming into Rescue but have lived 'free range within an animal sanctuary fending for themselves to find shelter and intermixing both with other cats for group feeding and to mix around loose dogs around the communal yard. Each is a survivor and generally social. Some are little reticent to human touch but can be picked up and stroked: Other seek pout companionship and stroked. All would appreciate moving into the warm and love of a home setting.

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Description:Black & white Female neutered ?2yrs
5.11.15 1st vaccinated Advocated 3.12.15 2nd Vaccinated

Action: Plan: MeeMee is ready for her family ideally with another cat

Location: Room sharing with 9 other cats. Horley near Gatwick

Visit MeeMee's thread for daily updates, lots of pictures and videos. Please click to submit Online Application We will match you with a cat that suits your lifestyle, please remain open we are actively seeking to secure our cats their loving homes.

***PLEASE HELP: We have to ask for suggested min. donation £50 at the time of adoption, to support our Rescue work. We have no state sponsorship and exist on the goodwill of the public and our supporters. Rescue Remedies will offer their cats back up for life.
MeeMee's Thread below: Watch progress through our Rescue
Original Referral: With the Animal Sanctuary closed down due to Caretakers ill health we were asked by the Landowner to find alternative accommodation ideally pet homes for the cats. We have taken this on as a special project and have had all cats vet checked, microchipped, fully vaccinated and addition vet treatment given as needed.

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Re: MeMee Black & White Female DOB ?2yrs Horley

Post by xxlynne » Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:57 am

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Re: MeeMee Black & White Female DOB ?2yrs Horley

Post by justine » Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:52 pm

What beautiful cats! I'm glad you have helped them. I see they've been waiting for homes for a year now.They deserve good homes before winter sets in. Snugglesafe heat pads are good for keeping them warm and cosy in the meantime. My rescue cats love them!

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