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Dogs that will soon arrive in our care
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Waiting List

Post by xxlynne » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:11 am

People who understand my lifestyle appreciate why I cannot provide some of the services we used to, nor take on additional responsibilities... but we are still homing our dogs. At the moment I don't have time to do threads for the dogs who are waiting to come into kennels, but here is our current waiting list.
We have closed our waiting list, which means dogs we cannot save are dying.

We have only Dianna able to provide normal cover for the Homings. Luisa and Laura are doing what they can, on top of very full lives. Suzanne is providing a "front of house admin" role, keeping applicants informed and gearing them up for dialogue with the homing team. Maria has stepped in to help admin this week. I am so grateful to Dianna in particular for sticking with the homings over the last nine years: 24/7/365, with only three weeks holiday taken over that whole nine year period. Many years she goes without a holiday; she works six days a week full-on - 8.30AM until 9PM. Luisa somehow fits in whatever homings she can during her evenings and early mornings before she goes into the office. Laura helps out when she is able, and plays an incredible role in the Rescue, also co-ordinating Guildford kennel walkers and information sheets, and actually organising and doing homing meets.

The homing team is a very specific and specialised role. Many cannot understand the particular guardian role we have to adopt in ensuring our dogs are safely and securely placed for their futures. A 'No Homing' is better than a fragile homing. Volunteers come and go - few last more than a few months. So we soldier on, secure with the Volunteers who are doing the homings. The Homing Team are the Heroins of our Rescue. They suffer the emotional blackmail and abuse which is so undeserved, but comes with the territory; they are custodians, holding out for the right homes that will meet our dogs' needs. Our Rescue always needs two people to thrash out and scrutinise all the aspects of matching dogs to families. I am that second person. So I am integrally involved with every homing too.

Posts: 7294
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Re: Waiting List

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:08 pm

Waiting List as of 13.01.19
Staffies male Brox
B&T Mastiff Brox
Sarge Dutch Shepherd Brox
chi pup Brox
Patterdale male Brox
Buster Mastiffx Brox
Pearl SR Brox
Royce RR Brox
Hugo SR Brox

Princess Amb
Waffles RR 21
Amber SR S&S
Kye RR M
Darcey Shar pei
King RR orchard
Nellie RR DS
Buddy RR DS

Harvey 21
Luke SR

Felicity RR
Blacka SR

Own homes 6

Waiting list still closed [cry.gif] This week will focus on Broxbourne dogs

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