Harvey Patterdale DofB 26.10.12 Broxbourne Kenns

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Re: Harvey Patterdale DofB 26.10.12 Broxbourne Kenns

Post by Kathys » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:22 pm

I haven’t walked Harvey for a few weeks so it was good to take him out on Saturday morning. He’s very easy to walk but did bark at other dogs more than he’s done previously. I met a lovely couple with a rescue greyhound that Harvey wasn’t keen on but they stood and chatted for a while and he eventually settled and sat quietly. I met them again on the way back – I distracted Harvey with some treats and there was no barking at all. He’s a quick learner! It was getting quite warm by the time we were heading back so we sat on the grass for a while and he had a good roll. He’s a lovely little character – he just needs the right experienced terrier home.

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