Terrier Rescue's Approach to Terriers

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Terrier Rescue's Approach to Terriers

Post by Rescue Remedies » Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:14 pm

Our approach is pure and very simple. Terriers are like toddlers' 'terrible twos'! They are head-strong, very independent in their thinking and have the tendency to be aloof by nature (not all). Don't think of them as adolescents or adults. They live in the moment. Their genetics are a cross between the sight hound and the bull breed so understanding that you see the Sighthound focus; the hunt and chase; aloofness; sleek looks. The bullbreed brings the people affection; musculature; audacity and love of family character.

So what about rules and pack order etc: Let me tell you, our terrierrescue dogs are part of our pack family, most sleep in the bedroom if not on the bed. As pack leaders we take responsibility to ensure their safety and care. We are not interested in power games, dominance theory and "control". Having heard so many people share their intellectual understanding about "off furniture, through the door first, demotional tactics etc." I have to say I just don't agree with the 'detached interpretation' approach. We are NOT superior to our dogs, they are not 'lowly' dogs, they are the love of our lives, but they are not babies either. With terriers "grumbles, growls, nips, indirect bites, and general misdemeanours" happen and I take responsibility for these I manage their lives so these don't happen, and blame myself when they do. We are very forgiving. Its hard to explain, but the attunement isn't towards the behaviour, but the reasons behind the behaviour. This terrier feels the need to guard its bed then give it it's space and respect that. This terrier gets excited when people come give them the joy of that moment or should little terriers be seen and not heard! Dee and my motto continuously is when we hear people talk about terriers is in echo 'Yes because its a terrier!!!

So terriers are here to entertain. They need understanding and adoration. They are antidepressants ... if they are depressants perhaps you shouldn't have a terrier. They are little people who have very full personalities and yes bites can happen, but they heal quickly and as a consequence you become a better manager.